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People say Beetles Gel Polish is really similar to Kiara Sky.



I bought this product because i didn’t want to buy the kiara sky one again. Kiara sky is so expensive and quite cheap for how expensive it is. I’ve read great things about this Beetles one and decided to give it a try. This is by far better than kiara sky and much more affordable. They are thin at the cuticle and makes them look more natural. People ask me “are those your natural nails” all the time. Mine lasted 23 days, i couldn’t believe it myself. Will buy again! Thank you!!! ❤️


Amazing Apres Dupe, optimistic it will last!

I just got my package today and could not wait to put on a fresh set. I've always wanted to try Apres or Kiara Sky but I do NOT want to spend $100+ for a system I'm not sure is right for me. I've been looking for dupes for a while and this is the first I've seen. I prepped my nails by filing them, cleaning them off with acetone, and then used my Modelones dehydrator and primer (also bought on Amazon) to ensure adhesion and longevity. The glue/gel is pretty thick, almost as thick as a builder gel, but very easy to use. I did not use a file to rough up the inner surface of the nail tips, I'm hoping that doesn't reduce longevity. I just applied gel to the tip, and gently laid it on each nail. If you need to learn how, just watch Apres or Kiara Sky tutorials on YouTube for gelly tips. The tips in this kit feel nice and strong. The curve is modern and looks like a salon shape. They're much better than others I've bought on Amazon. I'll be staying with Beetle brand tips going forward. The light that comes with this kit is fantastic, and exactly what you need for this kind of application. The glue gel adheres fast, with no heat spikes at all! My nails feel secure. Afterwards, I cut my tips down, filed the edges, and roughed up the surface of each nail. Then I painted them with my gel color base, color, and top coat. My nails are thinner than when I do polygel, and as strong as when I do dip, but my time was cut in half of not more, and it's significantly less mess. I will update ... Read More


Game changer!

I was about to shell out $99 for the Kiara Sky Jelly nails kit when I saw this! The lamp alone is worth double if not triple!! And the gel adhesive is comes with is top notch! I first tried to use polygel like I do with my aprés nails, but the nail popped right off, so I went back in with a coat of the gel it comes with and BOOM! It’s only been two days, but I work retail merchandising and on a register. I literally had a flap of a twenty pound box rip from my hands and didn’t break a nail! BUY THIS! The polish I’m wearing is from Beetles Nails too! EDIT: 5/7/21 still on!!! ZERO LIFTING!!! Second picture is from today.


Best product

I have tired Kiara sky jelly tips (over priced didn’t work) Polly gel, dip, acrylic and none of them compare to this product. The blue nails have been on for a month and still look amazing. The way the gel glue sucks to your nail as soon as you put under the lamp is amazing… I have been doing my nails since COVID started and this is the best so far.


Looks and feels and lasts like acrylic

These nails are so easy to put on and feel and look just like acrylic without all of the annoying time it takes to sculpt. It is so simple. These last longer than my Kiara Sky Gelly tip sets would last. I am very rough on my hands at work and not once did I feel like it was going to get damaged or broken off because it is strong and firm on my nail. It can be a little tricky getting the right amount of glue but with practice it gets better. The set comes with so many nail tips I don’t think I’ll run out any time soon unlike with my KS Gelly tips set that barely came with enough before I had to think about buying more tips. If you’re thinking about buying it, do it. It is so easy and the results are so nice. My nails look like I went to the salon and maybe even better tbh. I use beetles gel polish on my nails and I am never disappointed and this nail tip set further proves that.


Best extension set out there!

I’ve been getting my nails done for over a decade and for the last few years I’ve opted for mostly doing them myself. My last nail tech used apres on me and I noticed how easy and DIY friendly it was so I got the Kiara Sky version which absolutely SUCKED. It would never stay more than one day no matter what I did. I saw on YouTube the great reviews for this one and was very skeptical but I must say, these nails stay for weeks! They’re durable and non bendable once you add gel color on top. The shape is amazing and there’s little prep needed and for the price it’s at it can’t be beat!



I’m still very new to nails, but this product is easy to use, I personally don’t like using the light it comes with I don’t even use the light that came with my Kiara Sky kit (gelly tips) I use an LED flash light. It helps me not worry that I’ll move the fake nail while try to adhere it. It’s also very important to have a good nail prep and lit to no air bubbles. The longest I go with these are 2 weeks and maybe more but these are really good, it’s all about practicing the amount of gel one uses not to put to much or to little. It’s also very easy to remove nothing like a little warm 100% acetone won’t do. It’s a great price to!! No problems here!! 😊


These are neck and neck with the Kiara Sky gelly tips!

If you’re on the fence, go ahead & buy them. You won’t regret it. I’ve yet to find a beetles product that I don’t like. As long as you do your prepping & don’t skimp on that, these nails will last you! They’re beautiful. The lamp that comes with them, does the job just fine. When I use these, I find myself using the light it comes with rather than my own light bc it’s perfect for one finger at a time. It will cut off after 60 seconds. I’d rate it higher if I could, go ahead & buy the product, you won’t regret it. Only thing I can tell people is to do your prep in the beginning to give them a fair shot!


Best Nail Kit I’ve Tried

This is simply the best kit I’ve used and I’ve tried tons of other kits and none compare. I’ve used the kiara Sky gelly tips and they would pop off within 2 days of me doing my nails. My nails lasted 2 1/2 weeks with this kit and when it was time to soak them off they were still on pretty sturdy The tips are super easy to apply and the light is strong and cures fast.


Do it

If you’ve been looking at the kiara sky gelly tips for months and couldn’t pull the trigger on the price buy these. They were so easy to put on and feel very secure. They’ve only been on for about 12 hrs writing this. I will say the sizes and a bit funny. I have some that look more square than coffin but if you have the patience to shape them that’s a problem solved. I didn’t haha otherwise so so so so impressed. I love this brand. I have their gel paints and top coat as well on