Reviews for InnoMoon Pasta Maker Attachment Stainless Steel Pasta Roller for Kitchenaid Stand Mixer, 8 Adjustment Knob for Kitchenaid Pasta Maker Accessories with Dough Scraper Cutter & Cleaning Brush

People say Innomoon is really similar to Kitchenaid.


Good price and quality

much better than KitchenAid


Solid build, but hard to see numbers while using

A bit hard to see the numbers from the side. Wish the numbers indicating thickness were engraved in a place where it is more easily visible when rolling out pasta. Not sure if this is as wide as the KitchenAid roller. For the price, it's a great product and seems solidly built.


So easy my granddaughter could use it

This takes pasta dough from thick to so thin you can see through it and anywhere in between. The thickness dial is on the side and easily adjusted. Drip a little olive oil on the rollers and the dough doesn't stick. A great price for a KitchenAid accessory. I like to ccut pasta by hand. This roller does not cut pasta. It just rolls it.


A heavy duty sheeter that's great for pasta!

I, like many, am married to a talented Italian Wife. She, like many, does not like to make pasta by hand if she doesn't have to! For years we have gotten by on a manual pasta roller, but this does not require any sort of cranking, twisting, or pulling! With this sheeter you just hook it up to the kitchenaid mixer, then tighten the set screw. Turn your mixer onto the lowest speed and place your dough ball into it. After gently feeding it in, pull the resulting pasta out the other side. Please note, this does not have a cutter! at all! So what I have been using this for is to sheet for me, then sending it directly into my cranking pasta cutter to deliver the sweet sweet goodness without having to work too much :)