Reviews for COOKLEE 6-IN-1 Stand Mixer, 8.5 Qt. Multifunctional Electric Kitchen Mixer with 9 Accessories for Most Home Cooks, SM-1507BM, Pink

People say Cooklee is really similar to Kitchenaid.


Tried others. Very impressed with this one!!!

Nice size. Wanted something smaller than my big Hobart-made-in-USA Kitchenaid. This one is perfect! Not too heavy and it has a nice size bowl. Operates much like my old KA whereas some of the new mixers do not and are awkward to use & clean. This one is easily cleaned and works great. Powerful. This fits in my lower cupboard and is easily lifted. My KA now resides in the basement, waiting to be called to duty. My KA about 45 yrs old and deserves a rest! (As do I!) At 71 yrs, I’m loving this lighter weight mixer. Comes in several colors too. I researched the brand and found they are sold under other names, also available on Amazon. Very happy with this purchase.


This is an amazing substitute to a “kitchen aid” brand.

I would even go as far to say this is just as good quality as a “kitchenaid” brand. Great quality, even IS stainless steel. Top speed is very high speed and great for whipping!


Strong motor

For the price… It does a respectable job. I made ia batch of chocolate chip cookies yesterday and it handled the job just fine. It’s a bit noisy but I can put up with that for being 1/4 the price of my KitchenAid. I gave my KitchenAid to my granddaughter, as she will use it a lot more than I will. This is perfect for an occasional batch of cookies or a loaf of bread. I recommend if you don’t bake a lot...and don’t mind the noise. Motor seems very strong.... hope it lasts.....


Good Option with Realistic Expectations

This is not a KitchenAid, but it is also half the cost. So far the machine performs well and I am satisfied with it as compared to the price. Pros: Looks great on the counter Useful attachments included Seems powerful enough to handle most uses Suction cups attach firmly to counter for stability Cons: Lighter weight plastic housing Large bowl capacity is misleading, since it would not be possible to mix a full 9.5 quarts....figure about 5-6 quarts as true usable capacity.