Reviews for Hamilton Beach Electric Hand Mixer with Snap-On Case, Twisted Wire Beaters, Milkshake Rod, Dough Hook, Whisk, 6-Speed, Black

People say Hamilton Beach is really similar to Kitchenaid.


Handy, dandy, durable, sturdy, convenient mixer. A must-have in your kitchen. And the price is thrifty and right: $24.00 USD

Th., June 21, 2018 11:45 a.m. PDT Hamilton-Beach has updated its handy, dandy hand-held mixer with the addition of two dough hooks and a whisk, in addition to two wire beaters. It is powerful, very easy to assemble, use, disassemble, clean and store. It is compact, very convenient, and very well-designed. The beaters are sturdy and insert easily, and they detach easily via a latch under the beater's handle. It is powerful, with six positions and "burst" button. It comes with a storage bin for the beaters, hooks and whisk and milkshake device that clips to the body of the beater. I have used the dough hooks with great results for bread dough, and the wire beaters did a fast job making whipped cream. At just $24.00 USD, it is an essential tool for your kitchen. It's a great gift for any home cook. It easily works in place of an expensive KitchenAid or Cuisinart heavy-duty mixer. You will find it much easier and much more simple and much more convenient. You will use this everyday. If had TEN stars I'd give this TEN.


I couldn't be happier right now!

I was very torn about buying this mixer. The price and design are certainly nice, but some of the more negative reviews made me hesitate. It seems that the primary complaint is that the snap on case would not properly attach. Then I thought, "What the heck, the price is certainly reasonable." So the mixer arrived just tonight, a little worse for wear, since the delivery service beat the box up quite a bit in transit. Yet the product itself appears fully intact. I even plugged it in, and spun the mixer blades around. May I just say that my experience with mixers is very limited. In fact, the only other mixer I have ever owned was one of the department store specials priced at a mere $10 to $15. Yet so far, so good! I snapped the case on the mixer with no problems, and it stays on just fine. I securely attached the beaters in seconds, and gave it a whirl. Perhaps if I had a KitchenAid to compare it to, I'd feel different. But in all honesty, I feel spoiled right now.


but this one I use when I don't feel like lugging the Kitchenaid around

I have a stand mixer I use for heavy jobs, but this one I use when I don't feel like lugging the Kitchenaid around. I like the container that holds the tools, so I don't have to chase them around.


perfect for occasional bakers!

Bought this because I hardly use a hand mixer and don't want to spend the money for a big stand mixer. Works well, definitely for the price. I lllllloovvve that it comes with a storage case so i don't need to go hunting for the attachments. The milk shake attachment does NOT have a blade so when I tried it with candy, no dicing was done. But if ur just doing a blended regular milkshake it'll work fine. The wisks work as expected. Really nice when mixing cream cheese and eggs for recipes like cheesecake. The bread hooks work very well. If ur doing a thicker bread recipe you may need to have it at a higher power, which can be loud. So slight down side but hey not doing it by hand. If you plan on using this a ton, I could possibly see it burning out after yr or so. At that point though spend the extra money for a kitchenaid. This works perfect for me as a seasonal mixer for cookies or whatever during the holidays.