Reviews for Amazon Essentials Men's Regular-Fit Cotton Pique Polo Shirt (Limited Edition Colors)

People say Amazon Essentials is really similar to Lacoste.



I’ve been buying the Alligator for years, when I put them side by side I realize I’ve been paying 55 to 60 for that little gator. This is a great shirt price aside. What would I like to see is on selective very selective collector item selective is the smile part of the Amazon Logo on the sleeve. In appropriate color ie on the Kelly Green navy smile. White shirt fire engine red. Embroidered has to be Embroidered. I know this looks way to good to be true. Try one you won’t believe it.


So proffeish

My lone complaint with these are the best colors are always out of stock for size medium. They fit a bit larger and closer to Ralph Lauren in fit as opposed to Lacoste which seem to fit more athletic. They are well made and while not flashy are appropriate for the office at a very easy price. I've purchased 4 now and will continue to buy them unless the quality drops.


Love it

it surprised me a lot. Much better quality than I expected. My husband always wears a polo shirt. We were always buying lacoste, but this t-shirt is a really good replacement. A very good alternative for daily wear.