Reviews for Amazon Essentials Men's Regular-Fit Cotton Pique Polo Shirt

People say Amazon Essentials is really similar to Lacoste.


Skinny 6'4" guy buys a medium. Fits perfectly!

I am 6'4"and weigh 180 pounds with a 15 or 15.5 neck. A medium fits me perfectly (though I haven't yet washed the shirt). It's long enough and big enough. Thanks to everyone who left feedback on the fit -- otherwise I would never have taken the chance of ordering a medium, which would normally be too tight and too short. Very happy with this inexpensive, well-fitting and good-looking shirt. Here's a tip. Go to Etsy and spend a couple of bucks on a tiny embroidered patch, the size of the Lacoste alligator. I ironed one on the spot where the alligator goes and it makes the shirt unique. My patch is a tiny dinosaur. Now I have to buy another shirt to use the other patch I bought, a little porcupine.


Why paying more

I like my Lacoste polo shirts, I love Polo Ralph Lauren polo shirts (these are stronger and thicker, meaning they do look better). These compete with newer GAP's and to a certain extent with Lacost in quality. I would choose Amazon's any time!!! (except for Polo)


Nice Quality, Excellent Price

I purchased one of these new Amazon Essentials for my hubby to kind of test the waters. This was really nice when it came in and I'm amazed considering it was all of $12!! The color was rich and beautiful The quality seems really good! The pique cotton is very similar to the LaCoste shirts he loves but at $70 each it's hard to keep many of those in the closet. He travels a lot and has to wear solid color polos for work. He prefers no pocket and minimal logos. Sometimes this can be hard to find and we usually pay $20 or more for each shirt. Inevitably they get snagged or stained and whatnot and replacing them can be costly. For this quality at this price it will not be such a big deal to replace them as needed. Excellent buy and will be purchasing more!


Amazon should add their logo onto it like polo and lacoste have a little logo so should ...

For $12 it can't be beat, similar to other polos that cost $50 or more. Why pay more? However, Amazon should add their logo onto it like polo and lacoste have a little logo so should Amazon.