Reviews for Gullor Singularity design fountain pen Hero 359 blue, contains a bag blue inks

People say Gullor is really similar to Lamy.


Lamy Safari knock-off at half the price means you are winning....

Don't get me wrong with the 5 star rating as this is not a high end fountain pen. But for a well done knock-off of a German pen the Hero 359 knocks it out of the park. A converter alone for a pen like this can cost $2-3 bucks so when you can get that plus additional ink cartridges for less than 10 you are definitely winning.


Hey it's a Lamy Safari clone

Let's be honest! There is some debate in the pen world about the legality/integrity of basically copying another manufacturers pen. If you want a Safari, then buy one. I just liked the style of this pen and it's about half the price of it's Lamy brother and this one comes with a 6 pack of inks. The pen is very lightweight. A little too lightweight for my tastes. I prefer to have a little heft in my pen. It's made of plastic and the writing is pretty smooth. Other than that, it's exactly how it looks in the picture. Enjoy!