Reviews for Volume Booster Lash Primer

People say Essence is really similar to Lancome.


The Best!

I've tried several eyelash primers, including L'Oreal and Lancome ... and they can't touch Essence's Volume Booster Lash Primer. It makes my puny, ageing lashes look long and thick. And at the price it's unbelievable. I can't wait to use up the L'Oreal I have now and get this primer again. I let it dry a bit before I put the mascara on top. Simply brilliant.


I will continue to buy this!

I was addicted to cils booster from Lancome for 4+ years. I will be buying this instead because I get the same effects and zero cons for a fraction of the cost. I didn't even notice a fragrance.


first time purchasing this

I have been using this for about 1 week. It gives my lashes good coverage and a good base coat of primer to top off with my mascara. I have tried 2 different kinds of mascara and they both work with this, so I think any mascara would. It does not cause flaking or irritate my eyes. makes my lashes appear thicker when I use it. I have been a Lancome user before this, but this was cheaper so I thought I'd give it a try. honestly works just as good I think.


Great product!

This volume booster works great. Use to buy Lancome however I tried this one and it's just as good and 1/3 of the price!


Always makes my mascara look better

This eyelash primer always makes my lashes look so much longer and fuller once I apply mascara. It is similar, if not better, to the lancome eyelash primer.



used to use Lancome. Even Loreal. This product is sooooo good. love it!


Will buy again

I was looking for a new lash primer after a couple years of using Lancome Cils Booster- I chose to try this one out bc of the good reviews and cheap price. It performs just the same as the Lancome one for over half the price. I will definitely buy again!


Noticeable difference

I love this! So glad I decided to give it a try. I was using the lancome primer previously but it doesn't do what this wonderful cheap product does. My only complaint is the amount of product that doesn't spread evenly on the wand. You have to wipe against the side of the bottle to get rid of some of the product so it doesn't goop. For five dollars you should give it a try!


its really good and affordable

really good. much better than loreal and better than lancome imo. chanel is prob the best primer mascara. but this def a best for your money's worth


Holy Grail

i have tried many different primers before settling on my favorite from Lancome. This one works just as good and is less then a quarter of the price! It adds volume, legnth, and curl, I have already stocked up!!


use a light hand

It is definitely goopier than lancome, but it's also way way less. I've only ever used it with essence mascara and I've never had any issues covering my lashes completely as others have said. I do my right eye then left then apply mascara on right then left so it's not completely dry, just tacky. I swear it curls my lashes! The combination of this with essence lash princess is out of this world! It doesn't get all over my lid like many mascaras do. Not five stars because sometimes it does come out with too much product and I don't notice until it's gooping my eyelashes together. But a simple run with an eyelash separator usually does the trick!