Reviews for L’Oreal Paris Makeup Voluminous Original Volume Building Curved Brush Mascara, Black, 0.28 fl. oz.

People say Loreal Paris is really similar to Lancome.


Impressive Mascara

I had never tried this mascara before. My favorites prior to this were Defincils by Lancome and thr Estee Lauder in the blue tube. This only took 4 strokes to make a natural and impressive eyelash. It is non irritating and easy to remove. It did not flake off. I would say its a winner—especially at this price.


No bells and whistles, just good mascara, great for sensitive eyes

I keep trying other mascaras, and always end up back with L'Oreal. This mascara is nearly universally recommended by all the various magazines and makeup gurus, and for good reason. Though it sells at drugstore prices, it's actually manufactured by Lancome, a much pricier brand. I also like this because I have ocular rosacea, which means that my eyes can get dry and easily irritated. Mascaras with fibers in them, or lengthening ingredients, almost inevitably cause irritation for me. This one does not.


Best mascara, hands down

I have tried so many different mascaras... most drugstore variants, many premier brands (Dior, Lancome, Smashbox, etc) - I keep coming back to this one. The curved brush is amazing.


my favorite mascara ever

my favorite mascara ever... pricewise better than lancome and i think does a similar job in volumizing my eye lashes... it may get clumpy if you overcoat... just two coats and i'm done...


Conditions, Stays, Light or layer for sex kitten dior look

Pros: - Thickens and Lengthens - Doesn't clump when used correctly - The Carbon Black is a nice deep black color - Depending on your look for the day you can do a light one coat or layer it on to do that sex kitten eye look - I think it healed my lashes from the damage the Almay brand did, really nourishing - Washes off easily, I don't even need makeup remover now, yay! - I'm only on day 20 with this but I do think it will last the full month -Curved brush so you can really get every lash and sweep them upward