Reviews for COVERGIRL TruBlend Base Skin Primer, Mattifying

People say Covergirl is really similar to Lancome.


Primer's on but where's the spackle?

I can't help but laugh to think about putting primer on one's face Maybe I'm more familiar with the painting aisle at Home Depot than the cosmetics department at Macy's At any rate, facial primer serves a similar purpose: It prepares the surface so it will take the paint more evenly I've tried several brands so far, including that in the pricier Lancome line I noticed no moisturizing effect at all, but I've yet to see the primer that was truly moisturizing At $10, this seems a cost-effective choice for some There is a bit of fragrance; I'm semi-sensitive but did not find it too annoying Your mileage may vary (sorry, the period key on my keyboard is broken today!)