Reviews for L'Oreal Paris Skincare HydraFresh Toner, Alcohol Free Toner with Pro-Vitamin B5 for Face, 8.5 fl. oz., Packaging May Vary

People say Loreal Paris is really similar to Lancome.


French .. Ooh La La La

As a woman of a certain age demographic I was taught very early to take good care of my skin. My late mother always used #Dove bar soap for her face and a good moisturizer. With me I have a ritual that I adhere to religiously. Aging is a fact of life unless you die before 21 years of age? For years I would use #Lancome skin toners .. Then a few years back.. I decided to try L'OREAL toners. I like them and I don't have issues with my skin. I bought this item from the big A and not a local drug store. Normally I prefer to buy in person. First of all I my bottle isn't similar to the vendors photo. I uploaded a current photo that arrived at my address. Second my bottle had no safety cap like , to prevent tampering? I used some of the contents yesterday and Saturday. No problems with the toner . .. I am happy 😊 with my purchase..


My fav toner

This is one of the best drugstore toners I've ever used. I love Lancome's toner but sometimes I just don't want to splurge on it since it's $26. This L'Oreal toner is just as good, it's super cheap, doesn't sting my face, doesn't cause me to breakout, and cleans any leftover dirt/oil from my pores. I have purchased this countless times and it is a staple in my skincare routine.


Safe for sensitive skin.

This is an excellent toner for my sensitive, dry skin. I have tried MANY toners like Lancome's Tonique Comfort which works great but burns my skin to Dickinson's Witch Hazel which also stings & dries my skin. This toner is gentle, has no irritarion, gives you a nice glow & is cheap. This product is a gem. Try it, you won't be sorry!


Can't live without it

This and my Lancome face soap are the two products I can't live without. I am not completed until I wipe my face down with my L'Oréal toner. It sooooo soothes it. Did you know Lancome and L'Oréal are the same company?


Good toner at a good price.

Works as well for me as Estee Lauder or Lancome & costs considerably less.