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People say Thermopro is really similar to Lavatools.


Not my favorite

I have been using a Lavatools Javalin for four years now, and have replaced the battery a couple times. When it started showing signs of needing a new battery, I realized how much I depend on this tool and decided to buy another one, just in case. Amazon suggested this Thermapro as their Choice and I decided to give it a try Instead. It was cheaper, had a longer probe and lighted display, and used a more common AAA battery. I have generally been happy with Amazon Choice products, but I do not like this one as well as the Javelin. While it does have the advantages noted above, I find it more awkward to use. You have to press the button on the hinge to open slightly, then pull the probe to open further to a usable angle, then press the on/off button. If you open it all the way, it locks and you have to press the hinge button again to close it. The lighted display goes off after a few seconds, so you have to press the on/off button to get it back on. When you close it, you have to press the probe very deliberately to get it to lock. I just find the way the Javelin works so much easier to use. You just pull the probe out and it turns on. It stays on for quite a while, but will eventually turn itself off if you forget to close it. The hinge has enough friction to stay where you put it to use. It turns off when you close it. The display is not lighted, but it is bigger, easy enough to read, and uses less power, so the button battery lasts a long time. I am keeping both because eith... Read More