Reviews for TIGI Bed Head for Men Matte Separation Workable Wax, 3 Ounce

People say Tigi is really similar to Layrite.


Quality product at a fantastic price

Yeah, great product, I've used Layrite, Suavecito, various drugstore brands, Paul Mitchell, etc. this is not only the best but also some of the cheapest product I've used. Try to buy from "TOP SHELF-BRANDS" as I bought 3 for about $6 for one tin. The product is great and doesn't harden like water based pomades (really gross and hard looking hair), and doesn't shine like oil based pomades (shiny and awful to wash out). I like my hair slicked pretty tight and this is great


Great matte alternative to layrite or suavecito

I have been using layrite super hold for awhile now, but wanted to try something with less gel consistency and more matte. IMO this stuff worked awesome, although you have to learn how to use it properly to get the look you are going for; especially if you are coming from a pomade-type product. The price of this stuff can't be beat either and it lasts a long time!


Best I've Used for Asian Hair

I have thick, wirey, subbornly straight, impossible to control Asian hair. My hair grows naturally forward and into my face and I need STRONG product to keep it up and in place. I style my hair in a combover (side part). I almost gave up on the idea that I would be able to style my hair the way I wanted. Then I discovered TIGI Bed Head. HOLD - 9 I'd say the hold is up there with LayRite cement. Somehow it's able to maintain hold throughout the day without being stiff or sticky. It'll still blow out of place in heavy wind or activity, but it's definitely one of the stronger hold matte products I've tried. It's not great at holding volume - my hair does fall flat after an hour or so, but it does stay out of my face and combed back and to the side. APPLICATION - 7 This is a thicker product; a similar consistency to LayRite cement but slightly less thick and sticky. Application is MUCH easier than LayRite cement. With the LayRite, there's no way to style your hair without yanking out a bunch of strands. This product is much easier to apply and style. MATTE - 8 My hair is relatively long, thick, and I have a lot of it. Therefore I need to use a good amount of product; definitely more than the standard pea size. I use a thin layer and spread across my palm. Because need so much product to keep my hair in place, a lot of matte products end up not being matte at all. TIGI Bed Head stays relatively matte despite the amount I use. WASHABILITY - 7 The problem I've always had with Ga... Read More