Reviews for T-fal Enameled Cast Iron Round Casserole with Lid, 3.5 quart, Blue

People say Tfal is really similar to Le Creuset.


Cast iron + enamel = happy camper

T-fal is a trusted brand in our home. I have been purchasing products from their company for decades. I jumped at the chance to try this out. Substantial cast iron oven. Perfectly even heating. The lid seals tight and has this feature that evenly disperses moisture to avoid dry spots. The side loop handles are easy to grab hold of. The big deal with this oven is the enamel coating. While not providing an utterly non-stick surface, it does allow me to wash this with soap and water—a no-no with uncoated cast iron. Clean-up is a breeze. Gorgeous on the table. I store this on an open shelf. It's just that pretty. Highly recommend this. I cannot tell the difference between this and my Le Creuset dutch oven. Well done, T-fal. I highly recommend this.


A Dutch Oven That Doesn't Stink

Dutch ovens are very versatile and not sure why I haven't had one till now. I think part of it is that the ones I have been looking at are expensive (think Le Creuset) and not sure I wanted to make that level of commitment. This T-Fal dutch oven is a good happy medium. It does all the things dutch ovens can do- slow cook, braise, stove top, etc. So far this washes well (it's hand wash only). The lid keeps a great seal- something that I learned quickly changes how long and how hot you can slow cook things in this compared to the pampered chef roaster pot I'd been using to slow cook with that has an ill fitting lid. I find the 6qt size big for a family of 3, but it's not ostentatious and allows room for growth if you are entertaining, etc. One thing with this I am not pleased with is the enameling around the edges of the pot and lid. It is quite rough, and there are a few spots that the enamel didn't take to, leaving some spots "raw'. I hope that these don't affect the longevity of the pot because overall I am very happy with this.