Reviews for Crock Pot Artisan Enameled Cast Iron Braiser W/Lid, 5 Quart, Aqua

People say Crock Pot is really similar to Le Creuset.


AMAZING VALUE!! I would give this 10 Stars if I could

I've bought Le Creuset and some other brands like C*rtis Stone and this braiser by Crock Pot has rocked my world. The bottom is smooth like the expensive brands, but doesn't have the burs to scratch my glass top cook top. It's affordable, heavy duty and is cooking my Pasta Fazool (Check out Sip and Feast on Youtube, It's an AMAZING cooking channel). I used wooden utensils by Faay (which I bought to use with my Instant Pot). I am seriously considering donating the cheaper cast iron I have and replacing it with this. IT'S AMAZING!!!


Big and Heavy

Didnt want to pay $200-$400 for enameled cast iron from the Le Creuset. So we bought this. This will stain easily if anything slightly browns and definitely if something sticks or burns. It is also heavy and big. So you will need a burner that can accomodate it if you plan to use it on the stove and a sink big enough if you plan to dunk it in the sink otherwise you will be tilting and dipping to clean it. If you have a farmhouse style sink likely this will not be an issue. With all that being said its great for braising and doesnt have the high maintenance that standard cast iron does. Bought this to make cornbread in but need to adjust the recipe to make a larger amount so it will work in this. Unless you have incredible hand and arm strength this may not be your favorite go to pot. If there is smaller version of this we missed it. If not Crock Pot please make one. We will buy it for sure.


Too small... Too pricey... Just right.

I have all cast-iron, cast-iron with enameled exteriors, and fully enameled cast-iron cookware from Le Creuset. When it comes to cooking, cast-iron's heat conductivity, in my opinion, cannot be beat on any type of cooking surface; but Le Creuset can get really pricey for larger pots, so I opted for a different brand when I had purchased my initial braiser. It was a 3 quart size and made by Lodge, but my son (the dishwasher of the family) demolished it by constantly leaving it "soaking" with metal utensils in the bottom of it, so over time the exposed cast-iron edges rusted, on top of the enameled surface getting nicked up. It was a good braiser, but I always wished it was larger when I prepared certain dishes in it. I had been tirelessly searching for its replacement, and narrowed it down to this one. It arrived fairly quickly, and when I prepared our lamb roast for Thanksgiving, it didn't disappoint. It's very solid and well built. It was perfectly wide and deep enough (given its 5 quart size). I don't particularly care for the steel/metal finish on the handle instead of it being black, but it's doable. It was a fraction of the cost of a 5 qt. Le Creuset braiser, and it handles meals just as well, too. I love that it has the lighter finish on the interior and none of the enamel had any blemishes or imperfections upon arrival. I have read other reviews during my search for enameled cast-iron braisers, where customers complain about their weight... Well... It IS cast-iron, an... Read More


Eat all you want and have 6 pack abs!!!

Absolutely love the color. (I would have bought a Le Creuset, but can’t afford it.) This Crock Pot cooks just fine. Way better than the short paella pans. You can serve the dishes in the same pot. I have made coconut curry paella, soups, noodles, black ink squid paella with lobsters. The pot is durable and weighs a ton though. After you wash the pan, you can hug it and it doubles up as weights so you can do tons of crunches while sheltered in place. Then you can eat all of the foods you cook in it and have 6 pack abs at the same time! 😀🤣😂 Love it! ❤️❤️❤️



I love mine. I wanted a Le Creuset, but I found this and saved myself money, and I don't regret.


Very pretty

The color matches well with Le Creuset cerise. Great item and quality.


Amazing Value for price paid.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Le Creuset or Staub that performs just as well, get this pot. Exceptional value for money. I have 12 pieces of Le Creuset and you absolutely cannot tell the difference.



I use this when cooking for myself. I save my Staub and Le Creuset for company.