Reviews for Tramontina Enameled Cast Iron Covered Braiser Gradated Cobalt 4-Quart, 80131/069DS

People say Tramontina is really similar to Le Creuset.


Great Value

I use this pan multiple times a week. It is versatile and easy to clean. It is easily comparable to my Le Creuset cookware without the price tag. I considered other braisers, but opted for the deeper sides on the Tramontina. Great pan overall!


Amazing pan for variety of uses

This was a gift from my wonderful boyfriend and I love it. It's easily as good as a Le Creuset and made well. It's a bit heavy to clean but does clean up easily. Cooks evenly (big plus) and a good size for making stews, sauces and meat dishes. Also liked the white color for a change!


An excellent raiser at an excellent price

I bought this because I had a specific braised dish in mind to make and this pot worked beautifully. Actually, I was motivated to buy it when it received high marks in a Cooks Magazine. So much cheaper than buying Le Creuset and apparently, even better.


Great substitute for the more expensive Le Creuset!

When you don't want to spend the $$$ on a Le Creuset braiser, Tramontina was highly rated by America's Test Kitchen as a best buy. This can be the perfect cookware for sauces, sauteeing, or braising. The beauty of it is it can also be brought to the table for service. I purchased this for a friend who would have preferred a silver knob, hence the four stars. I am a big fan of most of Tramontina's products.


Good looking and good size. Maybe a little heavy.

A really beautiful pan and a great size. However for a braiser it’s about half the height of my le creuset Dutch oven but it weighs just as much. So it’s a bit heavy. But a great value for money.


The 3 Biggest Rip-offs in life

I'm 72 and a retired chef, CIA alum with a pretty strong resume in fine dining. I've observed there are three things in life that are grossly overpriced: #1 Weddings #2 Funerals #3 French made Enameled cast iron pans. I'm not a huge fan of ECI but they have their place, mostly for stovetop to oven stews and braises. They don't distribute heat evenly so I prefer aluminum or stainless clad aluminum. But they look nice and all the TV chefs use them so there is a lot of demand. The French stuff, which I own a lot of Le Creuset are tres overpriced. This Tramontina will function EXACTLY the same as a Le Creuset or Staub at a fraction of the price. True, you probably get a slightly better paint job with the French made stuff but @ 300% more? I don't think so.