Reviews for Amazon Basics Enameled Cast Iron Covered Dutch Oven, 6-Quart, Blue

People say Amazon Basics is really similar to Le Creuset.



Box was severely damaged, but the interior packaging was perfect 👌 and so is the Dutch oven. UPDATE: I own several Le Creuset’s in different sizes. They are either bigger or smaller then this one. At 6 quarts it’s perfect for me. Since it arrived I’ve used it 12 to 15 times. I clean it and put on the counter , it’s never been stored like the others. I admit I was skeptical of buying from the warehouse, but the price was to enticing! Turns out one of the best products I’ve ever bought - I give it a 10 out of 10. TLR


It's a good Dutch oven

I bought it, because I've always wanted an enameled Dutch oven, but could never justify spending the money on a Le Creuset. I wasn't expecting very much out of this, considering how inexpensive it was, but it is decent! The enamel is thick and even, and I can tell this will last many years! Maybe not quite the heirloom quality of the expensive French brand, but very impressive for the price!


Unbelievable value!

Excellent value... I have Le Creuset and Staub pieces... this is so close it's hard to think about buying a much more expensive options simply for making stock, braising, etc. Looks very nice, too.


This Dutch oven is a great addition to my kitchen

I love to cook roasts, chili, soups... hearty meals that are easy to make. I decided to buy the 7.5 quart option because when I make a double batch of homestyle Italian sauce it barely just fit in my 6 quart sauce pan, and sauce would splatter all over the stove. Problem solved with this Dutch oven. So far I've made lemon roasted chicken, chili, and my home made sauce. The roast was cooked in the oven at 375 and the other two dishes were cooked on the stove. It's great to have ample room to cook. Cleaning is quick and easy, only one pot and so far nothing sticks and everything cleans off perfectly. I have not rated durability yet as I've had this for only a month or so. But I will say this pot is HEAVY, a very solid piece. The cover alone feels like it weighs about 8 pounds. It fits securely on the pot and keeps all the moisture in. Before I purchased this Amazon Dutch oven I was seriously considering a Le Creuset brand, but at 8 times the price I opted for the $50 purchase of this one. I had never used a Dutch oven before purchasing this one, and thought I should probably learn before I spend the big money. But if this one holds up I can't imagine needing something else. So far, so good. I'm very pleased with this purchase.


C'mon, for $59 you can't expect Le Creuset

I've had this for about 6 months and use it a few times a month. So far so good. I was not expecting much for the price, but have been pleasantly surprised. Its a beast. Real heavy and really holds heat great. No chipping of the enamel. Not much discoloration. It's easy to clean, but I do hand wash it. It was nice to find a large capacity dutch oven at this low price!



I purchased this dutch oven about 3 years ago. It has definitely exceeded my expectations as with all of the Amazon Basic products I have purchased. I use it frequently and, after all this time, there are no chips or scratches. The enamel which is beautiful color has stayed glossy and looks as good as the day I bought it. Weight seems to be a concern for most people when purchasing a dutch oven. It is a good way...that really is the whole point to ensure delicious food. It is not so heavy though that you can't lift it out of the oven once food is in it , and for me, it felt lighter than the Lodge brand. I have never owned a Le Creuset dutch oven so I cannot compare it to that. The inside can leave a stain inside after cooking - which is normal for enamel products - but there is a super simple trick to cleaning it. Just take some baking soda and make a paste with a small amount of water - then clean with a non abrasive scrubbing pad- I use a Scrub Daddy- and the stains wipe away. I would not hesitate to consider purchasing this Amazon Basics dutch oven. For the price, you really won't be disappointed and you will be on your way to cooking some fabulous meals!


Great find!

I bought this pot because I found a recipe for an oven baked tomato sauce. It had to cook for 6 hours and I didn't want to risk my Le Creuset pot. I had to bring the sauce to a boil on the stove and it heated up quickly, and evenly with no burning or sticking. Once it came to a boil, it was placed in a 300 degree oven for 6 hours. This pot was splattered all over the lid (I had to keep it cocked a little way off), and all over one of the handles of the pot. The inside of the pot had a caked on, burnt rim around it and was splattered all over the inside. I wasn't looking forward to washing this pan. I put the lid in the sink and turned on the warm water and while I reached for the Dawn dishwashing soap, the warm water removed the caked on splatters and very few remained. I was dreading the pot. Did the same thing and used my dish brush and that dark brown ring, just vanished. It's a fantastic pot at an even better price and you can't go wrong with it.


As good as Le Creuset in almost every way for 1/6 the cost

After 30 years, my le creuset finally wore out. I tried this Amazon Basic, and it is excellent. It has a better shape - the sides are slightly more bowl like, beautiful color, even heating. The only small trouble I had was how super hot the knob on the lid got. So I switched out the old, black, heat resistant Le Creuset lid knob and I am good to go with soups and stews for another 30 years.