Reviews for Vacu Vin Active Cooler White Wine Chiller - Reusable, Flexible Wine Bottle Cooler. Black Wine Cooler Sleeve For Standard Size Bottles. Insulated Wine Bottle Chiller to Keep Wine Cold and Refreshing.

People say Vacu Vin is really similar to Le Creuset.


Excellent Value, but be careful!

Although I own the Le Creuset wine cooler sleeve, I was curious whether this was a good but less expensive alternative. Answer: Yes It does not have the same level of quality of the Le Creuset, but it's less than half the price. The Le Creuset is made from pierce-resistant nylon fabric, whereas the Vacu Vin is some sort of flexible plastic. Nevertheless, the Vacu Vin works equally as well. A design flaw with this product and the Le Creuset model is that the bottom is open. If you lift the bottle by the sleeve, the wet bottle can slip out and break. The advantage that the Vacu Vin model enjoys is that it's not elastic. Therefore, the elastic won't stretch over time and get loose as happens with the Le Creuset. Be careful with either!