Reviews for Train Track City Train Road Straight Tracks Building Toy Compatible with Major Brands (18pcs Straight )

People say Sprite World is really similar to Lego.


These are perfect to be converted into powered 9V tracks with conductive aluminum foil tape

These are the perfect price to be matched with some aluminum foil to be turned into cheap replacement OEM 9v tracks for the older Lego train generation. Get a couple of yards of silver conductive aluminum tape and slap it onto the track to make these backwards compatible with conductive lego tracks from the late 90's!


Is it the Real Thing? Can you Tell a Difference? Read and Find out...

I was going to say you can't tell a difference between these and Official Lego straight tracks (unless you're a Lego Purist), but I realized that would be incorrect because it's easy to tell the difference between the two - these don't cost half a human soul!


Perfect for a large layout

Just got these today (2022-Feb-23), and as other reviews have said, these are truly 100% identical in color to the Lego-brand tracks, and interconnect perfectly. At this price I can finally afford to run a super long "behind the scenes" circle-back loop. I disagree with other reviews saying "they do not connect on the bottom". Perhaps that was an older version, because my new pieces attached snugly to a baseplate, no problems at all. I have also seen other reviews saying they come apart too easily? I have not had any problems so far. Actually, even on my brand-name track, I usually put an matching gray colored 2x2 plate on each track connection so that if you bump it, the track doesn't come apart. I will definitely be checking out what track options this company offers!


A great option for straight LEGO track

According to my purchase history, I purchased this track in 2017. It seemed like it was about time to review it! In the roughly 3 years since purchasing this track, I have not had any issues with it. It was purchased to allow our new (at the time) holiday train to circle the fireplace mantle (which is set forward away from the wall, leaving space behind the fireplace). Each year we pull out the train for the holiday season, and set it up with this track connected to the corner pieces that came with the train. The track is attached semi-permanently to a wooden base that was created to support it all the way around the mantle height of the fireplace, via nails placed through the holes in the track. Once in place, there have not been any issues with the track coming apart or moving for the several months it remains in place. It links well to the official LEGO track, and the train moves smoothly all the way around. While I would've preferred to purchase official LEGO track, there did not seem to be any straight-only track sets available at the time of my purchase. So I settled for this set. If you need straight pieces to complete your train setup, then I would recommend this track as a great alternative to the official LEGO track pieces.


Great LEGO train track alternative

Fits perfectly with existing LEGO brand track. All pictures have the LEGO brand track on the bottom. The color difference in only because LEGO changed their 'grey' palette in 2003 and my LEGO track was from before that time. The new LEGO "dark stone grey" (aka "dark blue-grey") matches the after-market track perfectly. The only flaw in the design is the male connector piece on each piece of track. The plastic intrudes a slight bit more into the end tie and prevents LEGO pieces from being attached to that tie. See the yellow circles in pic #4. Fortunately, I was able to come up with a different ballast base to work around that design flaw. Other than that - a great after-market product for your LEGO train setup.


From a lego "purist"

I just want to explain myself before I finish the review! I have close to 1.2k pounds of lego at the moment, completely hand sorted to remove each and every non-lego block, so I guess I'm what a few people below have called a "purist" ... Trains are something I have only recently gotten into, and the massive cost of lego brand tracks has kept me from expanding. I decided to order these just to see how compatible they actually were, and I was very, very happy. Ended up getting 4 boxes of them for a total of 72 straight tracks! Couldn't be more pleased. I suppose I'm really not a purist anymore (Still, don't come at me with megablocks or bestblox or any of the chinese crap!)


All aboard if you need Lego train track!!!

Got this track to supplement the recently purchased Lego Disneyland train. We desired to layout track to encircle our Christmas Tree. This “off brand” track is identical enough to the Lego track I don’t notice any functional differences & probably couldn’t tell any cosmetic differences without close inspection. Another review lists the only difference is the price, and to that I agree! If you need more Lego track, Your search is over! This is a very worthy good to go option! Our train now has track enough to orbit our tree with spare sections for later use. Totally satisfied with this product! No downside whatsoever!


Almost as good as Lego

These rails fit perfectly with Lego tracks. The only complaint I had was the spacing at the end of the track was too tight on the underside. I needed to do some trimming with an exacto knife.


Great quality track and very affordable!

Virtually identical to name brand. The fittings connect tightly to the existing name brand track that I have. No noticeable color variations, and much cheaper alternative. I have a Lego Christmas train that I am wanting to expand from the boring round circle and have some straight sections. I am ordering curved track from this same seller now to complete my layout ideas, and accomplishing this at a much better price. I like that I can buy 18 pieces of straight track at once without purchasing other track pieces that I do not need. I am very happy with the quality, workmanship and fit of the parts.


Great alternative to LEGO brand tracks

This is a modal window. The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.  These train tracks are a great alternative to the more expensive LEGO brand tracks. FULL disclosure... I love LEGO and will 99% of the time only recommend the LEGO brand and shy away from knock-offs. However, these tracks can serve an important role when building a LEGO train track. Pros: - They are almost identical when it comes to the color of the LEGO brand tracks... see the images I shared which have the LEGO brand on the right and this version on the left. - They are completely compatible with the LEGO brand tracks and trains. (I have both mixed together and they connect just fine) - They are far more cost effective when compared to the more expensive LEGO brand tracks. - You get more straight tracks with this set when compared to what LEGO offers. Cons: - When using LEGO brand baseplates, the tracks don’t entirely align with the studs on the plate, thus not sticking. - Only one negative... otherwise good. I would recommend these tracks if you’re looking to lengthen and expand your train route at a more reasonable price. If you found my review helpful, please click ‘helpful’ below. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Happy bricking!