Reviews for Strictly Briks - Big Briks Set - 108 Pieces - 12 Rainbow Colors - Large Building Blocks for Ages 3 and Up

People say Strictly Briks is really similar to Lego.


Works Great!

My boys have been fighting over the Lego Duplo pieces we have so I wanted to add to our collection. When I searched on Amazon for Duplo sets, these came up. I was skeptical that they would work but I couldn't get over the fact that these were half the price of the Duplos! They arrived today and my boys haven't stopped playing with them. They work perfectly with the Lego Duplos and seem to be a similar quality. I'm very impressed. If we end up needing more, I'll definitely be ordering from this brand again.


My son absolutely loves his new blocks!!!

I was looking to purchase a Lego Duplos set I ordered my son some regular Legos but they're just too difficult to build on his own and he just likes to build structures with the duplos! He's four years old so he likes to build houses and neighborhoods and stuff like that ! Lego Duplos are super expensive if anyone's ever priced them! and these are the same things yes they do not say Legos on them but you cannot tell the difference next to each other they are fully compatible with Legos and I put them in a box with all these other Legos and you can't tell the difference between the two!! This is an awesome product at a very reasonable price you would get less than a third of the Legos if you went for the brand-name so if you have a little one I would definitely definitely recommend getting this set because you get a ton of blocks for a very good price and they're fully compatible with the duplos


Almost as good as Duplos

These are almost as good as Duplos. The colors are better. They seem to be about as strong. But they don't have quite the interlocking strength that Duplos. Pictured is my 3 y.o. grand niece helping build and destroy her first tower. Next birthday I'll get some of the Duplo specialty sets that kept my boys entertained for years -- combined with Legos in later years. But what they never had enough of was basic blocks and the two sets of Strictly Briks will fill that niche for Roxy. And maybe her mom, who also had a blast. I will edit if one of these ever breaks in normal use. My boys managed to break one Duplo but I believe that they were learning to apply mechanical advantage.


Excellent product. With even better customer service.

EXCELLENT customer service. First- these are great, and 100% compatible with Lego Duplo. Great quality, and my son loves. They are a great alternative, at a great price. If you are hesitant about purchasing an "off" brand- don't worry! The company also has the best customer service. I mistakenly ordered the wrong base plate to go with the bricks I bought. I contacted the manufacture Clever Creations, and they sent me the correct baseplate free of charge. I would not hesitate to make more purchases from this company again. I think they have a great product- and if anything were to go wrong with it- I feel like the company would "make it right." Very pleased.


Absolutely perfect fit to other legos we have

First off, these came same day. I opened them and unfortunately found a few bricks that were damaged. A few were sticky too for some reason. I emailed the company just to ask if I could get a replacement on the 8 or so bricks that were bad. Customer service was a dream. So polite and nice. Recieved a whole new set the next day. I support businesses like this. Bricks work great. I even bought the base mat to build on from this same company. Will buy again. And will buy for friends kids.


Great basic blocks for Duplo!

I had some Duplo blocks from childhood that I gave my toddler, but unfortunately we needed more to really build cool stuff. Turns out that Duplo these days isn't the same, and is super expensive and mostly kits! This was an awesome alternative. I'm no Lego aficionado so I can't tell the difference. They connect the same to me, they look the same to me, and they've really filled up our box of blocks without breaking the bank. I'm so happy I bought these instead of shelling out for the name brand Duplo.


Work with Lego dupli at a fraction of the price

Have had 0 issue with my twins using these with their Lego duplo blocks. Was looking for more blocks as two kiddos with one set makes for a rough time. Very satisfied with the amount of blocks and can’t tell the difference between name brand and these at all.


This set is sturdy, great quality with fun colors and fit perfectly

I bought this set of "Duplo style" larger building bricks for when we have toddlers over during family get togethers, because my kids ages range 7 to 10. This set is sturdy, great quality with fun colors and fit perfectly, interchangeably with the real Duplo brand. Funny thing older kids still LOVE spending hours building with this size building brick, even though they also have Lego sets with the smaller "tiny bricks". I guess these larger bricks aren't just for toddlers! :-)


Really great product for the price

We have bough several different Strictly Bricks items/sets. They have a nice fit most of the time with some pieces occasionally (rarely) feeling a little loose, but and are just fine for children. We've gotten a ton of use out of these and are very happy with all the Strictly Bricks products and even more so with the price. They fit well with Lego Duplo as well. I wouldn't hesitate to buy more of these.



I'm a big Lego guy. I bought these bricks to see how they compared to the regular Duplo blocks that my two-year-old daughter plays with. These are NOT indistinguishable from Duplo. Anyone who claims as such is either lying or not very observant. You can tell as soon as you pick them up that they are lighter and they appear to be more cheaply made. The edges are also sharper, and they simply do not "lock in" as well as actual Duplo. Now this having been said, the price is great, and if you only have these bricks I doubt you'd feel like there was anything wrong with them. The only issues I would see is that over time they will become even looser, and I just can't see them holding up the way Duplo does because they're simply not as strong (we have Duplo from 20 years ago that still works like new). Will I buy more? No, because we already have a lot of Duplo and when you use both together the shortcomings of these bricks are an annoyance (to me, YMMV). However, for someone starting with no bricks at all, I'd say just buy a couple of the big sets, if you never compare to Duplo I doubt you'll be disappointed. Giving them 4 stars only because they don't lock together as strongly as I would like.