Reviews for Mechanical Keyboard Wired Keyboard Blue Switch 68-Keys Mini Design (60%) Gaming Keyboard White Silver by Magicforce Qisan

People say Qisan is really similar to Leopold.


A cheaper and better alternative to the Leopold FC660

The layout of this keyboard is very similar to that of the  Leopold FC660C Electrostatic Capacitive Topre Switch Computer Keyboard Dye-Sublimated Wihte PBT For Laptop Desktop . I've wanted to try the FC660 but a few things kept me from pulling the trigger. First, the bottom row is non-standard, which makes replacing the keycaps a bit more difficult than on other Cherry MX and Topre switch keyboards. Second, I use the page up/page down keys pretty regularly. I wish those were the default actions of the two keys on the upper-right of that board, rather than insert and delete. Lastly is the price. The FC660 ran anywhere from $110-120 for the Cherry MX switch to well over $200 for the Topre version - both are too costly for something that I ultimately might not like. Then along comes the Qisan/Magicforce 68. As stated above, the layout is very similar to that of the Leopold, but it addresses all three of the above complaints. Its bottom row is a standard size so you can replace the keycaps with pretty much any Cherry MX compatible set. Dedicated page up/page down keys are most welcome for my workflow. Finally, the $40 price tag for the Outemu switch version is much more friendly to my bank balance. Now I'm not really a fan of clicky mechanical switches, and the Outemu blues here haven't done much to change my mind. This is quite a loud keyboard to type on, so it's not one I would recommend if you're in a reasonably quiet office setting. Nor would I suggest this for any kind of ... Read More