Reviews for Amazon Essentials Men's Athletic-Fit Stretch Jean

People say Amazon Essentials is really similar to Levis.


Way better than I could of imagined.

Okay I have to say I only ordered these as.. might as well give them a try.. why not? I have to say I am blown away. The fit better than levi or lee jeans. I actually was extremely impressed. I am going to order more. It's nice to find a good fit jean. I am so sick of these jeans made to fit men like women. The wide hip ones are the worse where you can't get your leg up very high because of the jeans resistance. Just can't say enough how impressed with the fit I am. The big question is .. How durable are they. Only time will answer that one.


Better than expected

I ordered these to try out since a lot of store are now closing and that making it hard to find decent jeans. For the price i honestly was not expecting much...but i was wrong. There are as, if not more, comfortable than my Levis and Lee jeans. They have a little bit stretchyness to them which is nice. I will definitely be buying more.


Great jeans

Much better than I thought they would be! Pockets aren’t ver deep but overall I like them! Carharts are so baggy in the thighs and Levi’s are very thin. These will be my go to jeans from now on


Just Right

Great fitting jeans. I have been looking for a replacement for Levis 508's and I think these will do the trick.


I like them.

I wore Levi's for years. These are just as good so far. Perfect fit and comfortable.


Great feel, like levi denizem

Great fit, comfortable and stretch


Pay attention to the reviews and sizing/fit details and you'll be happy

wow... I just tried on these Amazon jeans. I am glad I read the reviews and the sizing suggestions... If I would have bought my normal size they would have been ridiculously tight and uncomfortable. But because I followed the suggestions they fit like they were made for me. The material isn't as nice as Lucky's but it's as nice as Levi material... and for $30 I'll be buying them again. I normally wear a 36x29 in Straight Leg in Lucky's... but they stretch nicely around my thighs, which are big. So I read in the review that I would want the Athletic fit for my thighs and that the waist can be a bit snug. So I bought a 38x29 Athletic fit and these things fit like a glove. Definitely worth $30... I will come back if they wear out fast, but the denim and overall craftsmanship seems as sturdy as anything else out there for twice the price.


Pleasantly Surprised!

I traditionally wear Levi's. With being at home due to the pandemic and pile driving White Claws and anything I could have delivered to eat down my gullet, I put on a few pounds and need some stretchy pants. I used Prime Wardrobe to get a couple of different options and I really liked these. Very comfortable, well made, and look good on my new chubby body. No weird smells, fit good all around for my dadbod, and actually have a nice slimming effect. Anyway, get these pants and you won't be disappointed. Imma go have some cake.


Very comfortable, look good … but the size runs small

Just enough stretch to be comfortable working around the house or taking long walks. I wish more colors were in stock. I wear 36W x 29L in Levi’s, so that’s the size I ordered. Way to tight. Returned for exchange, this time choosing 38W x 30L and it’s a perfect fit. The fit was so much different I’m beginning to think the first pair I received were mislabeled.


Great fitting jean with a true high rise in the rear.

At $29, I thought these jeans were a little pricey for such a generic jean. There's no back leather logo patch, and no stitching on the back pockets either. In fact there's no markings on the jeans with the exception of, "Amazon Essentials" and the jean's size both printed on the inside rear of the jeans. They don't get more generic than that. So I gotta take 1 star off for that. However, I have to say these are a very comfortable jean. I'm so tired of purchasing Levi's or other brand jeans that fit too tight, and expose my butt crack everytime I sit down or bend over. I don't know why Levi's advertises a lot of there jeans, such as the Original 501's as being, "high rise" jeans, because they're not! I'm 5'11, 180, but none of Levi's brand jeans seem to fit me anymore, and it really makes me mad. I don't know why the jean manufacturers all think now that the mass public wants jeans that sag and fall off your ass. It's so uncomfortable and such a stupid look! I guess I blame all these hipsters and the younger generations for forcing the trend, which has now become standard for manufacturers of jeans. I for one HATE that look! I want a jean that fits like jeans use to do back in the 80's, and I know there's a lot of us guys out there that all want this too. I can say these Amazon Essentials jeans are a true high rise jean, with a full TRUE 15" rise in the back. They are a slimmer jean on the legs, which I'm ok with and look good. But I'm totally sold on these jeans due to the t... Read More