Reviews for Wrangler Authentics Men's Classic 5-Pocket Relaxed Fit Flex Jean

People say Wrangler Authentics is really similar to Levis.


Didn't know if I'd lilke them, but I do

In fact, I'm wearing them as I type this review. They're comfortable, but more importantly, the denim is thicker than any of the Levis I have. This is my new "go to" jeans!!!!!


Sharp-Looking, Great Fit

After trying and returning literally 8-9 different styles of jeans over the last year or two (I hate clothes shopping in retail stores / will take the extra UPS drop-offs on my way to work), I finally found a pair that are stylish enough to wear in restaurants or business casual, but relaxed enough to wear to BBQs or just hanging out. A great all-purpose jean. They are the perfect compromise between the overly baggy "slob jeans" that many people wear and the overly styles "metro-snug" jeans that way too many guys seem to be wearing these days. Will never understand a style that makes it OK for a man to wear jeans that look like they were cut for women. Regardless of what your personal life looks like, guys should wear jeans that look like they were designed for guys. But what type of shape you are matters a lot with jeans. What fits one body type is lousy for another. What I've found is when I tried the more "regular fit" type Wrangler jeans, they fit my thinner legs (and spare tire) great out of the bag, but as soon as I washed and dried them a couple times they shrunk and in all the wrong places, making the crotch too tight to sit down. Not to mention the "flood is coming" look. Conversely the more sytlistic "trim fit" jeans were uncomfortable from the start; how does anyone sit in those things without crushing their family jewels? Crazy. But these jeans are just as comfortable standing or sitting as when I bought them, several months ago. I bough a couple pair and I try ... Read More


Great Jeans

Great jeans. I will never buy Levi's again. Very comfortable.


My first pair of wranglers

I have been wearing Levi’s for years. This was my first pair of Wranglers. It won’t be my last.


They fit!!!

These Jean's fit great. I cant wear newer styles in Levi's they never fit right anymore. Tried everything they have. As soon as I put these wranglers on I knew this was the jean. Wrangler seems to take pride in there Jean's nowdays. Waist was perfect and length perfect with boots or whatever else I want to wear. Plenty room in the crotch area pockets are deep unlike any Levi's out there. Not to baggy JUST RIGHT. I have long lean legs and these were not to baggy or to tight in legs like those sissy boy Levi's always are. Lol skinny Jean's ain't happening around here. We work for a living and we put these Jean's to the test day in day out. Work , play these Jean's look nice also. Trust me u Cant go wrong with these. If your sick of all those wimpy half baked Jean's out there and tired of trying on 100 pair in Hope's of finding 1 that fits just go with these. Cant go wrong.


Favorite basic jeans

I switched from Levi's to Wrangler because I was not interested in Levi Strauss' outspoken political activism. No biggie, I just wanted to buy some pants, not politics (of any flavor). Once I found Wrangler made some jeans without the big "W" on the butt cheeks, I've bought and replaced a couple these. They are extremely comfortable and pretty durable. I've worn them for everything from business casual (with a sport coat) to hiking/bouldering. And I like my jeans with deep front pockets and more than 5 belt loops.


Perfect replacement for Levis 550/560

Levis stopped making the jeans I like and they left me hanging and wow was that such a blessing in disguise. I still have 2 serviceable pairs of levis and they are so stiff and hard to get things into and out of the pockets. These are softer and more comfortable (yet no less durable). I can get my car keys out of my pocket much easier and they still look great. I get an accurate side by side comparison when I wear my old favorite jeans and as a result I know that wrangles are very much better; so much so that I'm going to just toss my old crap and replace them with more of these.


Good bye Levis!!!!

First let me say these are great jeans COMFORTABLE across the board and worth every penny. My mistake was ordering one size up I should of just ordered my regular size, but these are my first pair of Wranglers so wasn't sure of the fit. After years of wearing Levis I am saying farewell and good riddance. I have a pair of jean I can spend money on and not be worried about conflict of ideas. Thank you Wrangler you have a new happy customer which will be ordering more jeans.



I was a longtime, hardcore Levi's fan, but fitting can be hit or miss sometimes, so I preferred to try them on. Then the pandemic hit and a lot of store were closed and I didn't want to get out. So, I rolled the dice on these, and what a great choice. I have large thighs, so finding jeans that don't look painted on is tough. These do the job and have even lasted longer than most of my Levi's, along with being cheaper. These are my new go-to jeans.


Why Have I not understood this brand?

Im a short guy, wear a 28 length and it has been a lifetime of struggle to find such lengths. Wrangler is as good a jean as any other, but this fit is extraordinary in the realm of jeans, my last fit well jean love has been the Levis 501 or 505's. Oddly enough I can't buy more because finding this 28 length is challenged;lenging. I recently decided to write to Wrangler and ask If I can buy 28 length from them directly, and they said no. Odd, since they manufacture them. I guess I stay on the hunt for the random find. If I could have ordered five pair I would have, but this one hangup with them remains.