Reviews for NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Soft Matte Lip Cream, Lightweight Liquid Lipstick - London (Mid-Tone Beige)

People say Nyx is really similar to Lime Crime.


I can't believe I did not find these sooner! Best Matte Lip Product!!

I stumbled across this on a website and read up on it some more and decided to buy 1 just to try it. They're only $6! I WAS INSTANTLY HOOKED! I went out and got some more! they have a great selection of colors, but I am dark skinned, so some don't look as good on me as they would on a fairer complexion. I previously purchased a similar product (From Hourglass) and this is even better! I am bummed I spent $15-$30 on lip products before. I only wear matte, so these are great. My favorite colors are below! Monte Carlo: The best red color! Blue-based. Prague: an AMAZING light plum! Copenhagen: Beautiful darker plum. Abu Dhabi: Great pnik-ish nude Stockholm: Great nude I also have some tips below for those who want to buy this product. 1. It takes almost a half hour to dry fully, to the perfect matte. At least for me it takes almost that long. 2. Always use a chapstick before applying this, as it is pretty drying. Many reviews have stated that this is a drying product, so make sure to apply on exfoliated moisturized lips. 3. It lasts pretty long, maybe need 1 reapplication over the span of a 12 hour day. I usually don't reapply because I am careful when I am eating. 4. With a steady hand, you can apply without the use of a liner. I NEVER use a liner with this because it does not bleed. You get a clean line! 5. There is minimal transfer once the product dries, but make sure not to let your lips touch anything before it's dry, 6. It's not sticky like some similar products once it... Read More


Best price

This might be the best liquid lipstick for the price!! I have two lime crime velvetines as well, which I love too! But you really can't beat the price on this item. Plus it has a great smell.


and it is SO MUCH BETTER. I won't ever buy another Lime Crime Velvetine

I bought this as a dupe to Lime Crime Velvetines (Bleached), which I also own, and it is SO MUCH BETTER. I won't ever buy another Lime Crime Velvetine. NYC matte lip creams all the way!


I like it more than my velvetenes form lime crime

Just as described, I like it more than my velvetenes form lime crime, this stays on


Good everyday liquid matte

The color is not a pigmented as I would like , but for the price it's not bad. I use this as an everyday lip color..something I use VERY often. Where I use My more expensive and more vibrant liquid mattes like Lime Crime for special occasions or nights out. This way I can manage My lipstick budget, because at $20 per tube LC can get pricey once you start collecting! NYX liquid matte is pretty dry, so you will need to moisturize before hand. Where LC has a lot of moisture on it's own for a liquid matte, so if you forget to moisturize, it's no biggie... . But again, for everyday use, NYX is a great budget buy!


but this is a good quality for the cheaper price

A decent quality for the price!!! It does not show as matte as compared to Lime Crime's or Kat Von D's Matte lippies, but this is a good quality for the cheaper price!!! ^..^ Color was neutral and pretty, as well. :"D