Reviews for Leggings Depot Buttery Soft High Waisted Women's Leggings - Regular/Plus / 1X3X / 3X5X Sizes : Capri & Full Length

People say Leggings Depot is really similar to Lularoe.


Sometimes you receive things you order online and wonder how they can charge so much for such poor quality. These leggings are the total opposite

WOW! Sometimes you receive things you order online and wonder how they can charge so much for such poor quality. These leggings are the total opposite! I'll be having ankle surgery, so I needed something soft and thin I could wear under a surgical boot. I bought four colors to start, and have only worn the light grey so far, but I can say that the light grey exceeded expectations as far as quality. Usually you can see through light colors, somewhat, but the light grey were not see-through at all. As far as comfort and fit, these were the softest leggings I've ever worn (I would say even softer than lularoe), and they fit just fine. I'm 130lbs and 5'2", so I got the regular fit. They were longer on me, but that's to be expected of any legging I buy. I would HIGHLY recommend taking advantage of such a great product at this low price point!


All the stars!

These are amazing! I'm a size 20 to 24 (depending on the brand) in bottoms, and I'm right on the edge in lularoe leggings. Some tcs fit me some don't and some of the tc2s are way big on me, though I generally prefer tc2. I was curious about the sizing on these so I got a pair of the 1x-2x and a pair of the 3x-5x. Both fit me fine. My mom, who is a 26-28 pant size, says she definitely prefers the larger ones, but she can definitely get in the smaller ones. They are high waisted, sitting above my belly button, which as an apple shape and someone with a long torso I find great. If they sat lower I think the elastic waist would give me some unflattering rolls, which is why I usually go for the yoga waist. Not a problem here. I'm not having to pull them up all the time like I do when I wear llr either. They have a stronger stretch than llr as well. They stretch just as big, but cling a bit tighter to my legs, no wrinkly, baggy knees here. I'm fairly short but they seem to have plenty of extra length of you're taller.


The Only Leggings I’ll Ever Buy

The ONLY leggings I buy anymore. I used to be obsessed with Lularoe and I’ve tried leggings from everywhere - high and low-end (Target, Nordstrom, Walmart, other places on Amazon), and when I found these I got rid of all of my Lularoe leggings and now I only buy these. (I have three pairs of the black.) They are medium thickness stretch so you can breath but they hide trouble spots. They come up super high but DON’T squeeze your stomach or leave a band mark. And they tighten and smooth. I’m telling you, worth every penny - especially since they’re so inexpensive. (I also have multiple pairs of Leggings Depot flares, joggers, and PJs - they are the SOFTEST.)


Great quality

I have friends who got sucked into the LulaRoe craze so of course I had to buy their $25 dollar leggings. That is until I found these! These are cheaper in cost but I think better in quality. They're soft and 'buttery' feeling, fits great and look amazingly dressed up with a cute top and heels or boots or hanging around the house with a tank top and flip flops. I've bought about 8 pairs so far, I prefer black but they have a big selection of colors so I'm going to try a few of those too. Definitely recommended these leggings.


Comfy and worth buying.

Super soft and cozy for under long sweaters or to wear in bed (what I use them for). I have washed them about a dozen times since purchasing and they don't pill not are any of the seams sketchy. No they don't pass the squat test, they really aren't leggings you should wear alone. What they are is soft as butter and super comfy even if you're feeling uncomfortable and bloated and they don't bunch or slip down. Great buy at this price. They remind me a bit of lularoe leggings without the uncomfortable Facebook DM from some chick you barely exchanged words with in high school inviting you for lunch to "catch up".


Great product, great value

These are basically Lularoe leggings at a much more reasonable price! Same "butter" softness, and I've had zero problems with holes in the 8 or so pairs I've bought. I even wash and dry them like regular laundry (i have 4 boys, tons of laundry, and no time for special instructions, hand washing, etc) and they hold up. After i abuse them like that the only thing i notice is they get a little loose after a few months of frequent wear, but with this price i just bought more so i don't wear them out as fast. So very comfortable, I even sleep in them.


Best leggings I have found

Best leggings I’ve found! Very soft and comfortable. Fits great! Not see through. I have bought many pair and will continue! After many washes they do then to loosen. However I wear them a lot! My favorite I have found! Even better than lularoe in my opinion


So soft and not see-through!

These are great!! I've been looking for a great pair of black leggings for what seems like forever. So happy I found these. Buttery soft like lularoe, not see through at all (though I tend to wear them under long shirts/dresses anyways, still nice to know!) For the price (and availability!! Because we all know how hard it is to get LLR black leggings) and quality I am very happy and will likely be buying more in different colors!



This is the 6th time i have ordered from this company !!!!. The leggings feel like Lularoe, they are durable , cozy and buttery soft . The price is amazing . I have told all of my coworkers about these !! 10 stars!!!


Awesome lularoe dupe

I’m about a size 13. I got the leggings in size 12-24. I love them. They really do feel like lularoe leggings. I love that I’ve found these because I really do not like all of the crazy patterns that lularoe carries. I do question how these would fit someone a size 20+. I’m just not that sure how the waistband would stretch. Although these are great, I had to take off a star because mine came with a hole in the waistband. I didn’t try to mend the issue with the company because I got free shipping and can just sew it myself.