Reviews for Contour Athletics Men's Joggers XYZ Track Pants Men's Sweatpants Workout Pant with Zipper Pockets

People say Contour Athletics is really similar to Lululemon.


Competes with Lululemon!!

Initially I have been very impressed with the quality. As someone who has bought items from Lululemon several times, I was unsure if the feel and look of the XYZ Joggers would rival theirs. Upon wearing the joggers I realized that they not only looked very premium but their fit and feel were equally impressive. The zippers on every pocket is practically an amazing detail, I found myself using the pockets more readily because I was able to securely zip my valuables inside. If I was to have any constructive feedback, it would be on the seams of the pants being used as design work almost. I think the best-looking joggers on the market tend to have smooth legs with the only visible seams running down the side. Regardless of this small preference, I am prepared to give the XYZ Joggers an 8.2/10 on my gear scale. I never give a 10 and anything over 8 is considered phenomenal. Overall very well done!!


Really good quality, almost like Lulu

These joggers are definitely high quality and half the price for Lululemon joggers! They are a bit of a "slim" fit but after wearing them for the first time they look really good. They are very stretchy, soft, and very comfortable. I wore them out and one of my friends thought I had bought new Lululemon joggers! I would definitely recommend buying these joggers, especially if you don't want to pay a high price as other brands.


The XYZ Joggers have Unbeatable Quality for a Stellar Price

The Fit: These fit perfectly. I'm a small in CA (usually, I'm a medium) and these are neither too small nor too large. I have larger than average thighs and an extremely athletic body type, and these are perfect for the athletes among us. If you're worried about the fit being too tight, go up a size. They have enough forgiveness to accommodate multiple body types, but I'd suggest going true to size if you're going to work out in them. These are definitely a slim-fit, close-fit jogger, and if you get your sizing right, you won't even notice them during workouts or leisure. The Feel The XYZ Joggers are made with immense quality, and that became obvious as soon as I took them out of the packaging. Their poly material doesn't stretch, they hold their shape (even after some extremely intense workouts) and they have all-day comfort without sacrificing any performance benefits. The Features These come with three pockets and exterior drawstrings. The pocket placement left a little to be desired (more on that further below). The bottom cuffs are stretchy and a bit difficult to get your foot through, but the result of that tightness is a perfect fit once they're on. The Problems I had two really small problems with these joggers. The first is the pocket placement. On other pairs of Contour Joggers (specifically the Hydrafit Joggers, which I also highly recommend), the pockets are located on the sides of the pant legs, out of the way and perfectly positioned. On these, they put the p... Read More