Reviews for Yogalicious High Waist Ultra Soft Nude Tech Leggings for Women

People say Yogalicious is really similar to Lululemon.


Best purchase I’ve made in years!

Hello! I just wanted to make an in depth review for anyone like me that is really questioning buying these leggings. I’m 5’0 and 132lbs. I got this legging in Winter Blue, Eclipse, and Blackened Pearl and I love them all! If you have a smaller waist I would definitely recommend sizing down. I’m usually a small in leggings but I didn’t want the waist to be too loose and like other reviews said, with a few snaps of the thread it fit just fine. The only thing that I would be wary of is that Sweat does show through. It is actually very similar to the lululemon Aligns in every way including the factor of sweat. Its not excessive or anything and very hard to see in the darker colors like Winter blue or Eclipse but I wouldnt be surprised if you could see it through the blackened pearl. Its honestly not that bad because its not that noticable even with my intense workouts. These are compeletly squat proof, even in size XS when I sized down The fabric feels so soft and luxurious. The colors I have to admit are a little different that I expected. The Blackened pearl is a bit lighter in person and completley grey( which I like) and the Eclipse is basically a dark but pretty blue. The winter blue looks the same though. These leggings make my legs look great. Im telling you to buy these leggings!


As Close To Not Wearing Anything As You Can Get!

These are heavenly! The material quality is definitely comparable to Lululemon Align Pant. The high-waist keeps all your jiggles in place and is very slimming! The only bittersweet comment about these is that the material is super thin. This is great because the fabric is breathable and feels super light, however the material is not very forgiving (as with the Lulu Align Pant) - if you got dimples, bumps, etc. better go for a pant with a thicker fabric because these bad boys will put your booty on blast. Other than that - I love this pant and will definitely purchase again in different colors!!


These pants are amazing!

I lost around 30 pounds last year, I went from a definite large to somewhere between a small and medium and yoga pants that truly fit have been hard to find. I’m 6’0” 155 pounds. The most common issue is the waist. I’ve come to terms with pants being too short but the fit of the waist was either too tight, too loose, or too low and that dug into my hips, my legs are super long. These pants fit perfectly and the 28” inseam is long enough for me; they sit around an inch above the ankle. The buttery soft material is the closest the Lululemon aligns that I’ve found. These are hands down the most comfortable yoga pants I’ve ever put on my body. I purchased in dark navy and immediately bought two more pairs after I tried these on. Price is great, but the fit is AMAZING.


Pretty good.

So I purchased these after doing some googling to find a dupe to my Lululemons. I’m 3 months post partum and my size 4 lulus fit, but those are pretty much my only pair of workout pants that fit since they are stretchy. I wanted some more but didn’t want to spend another $100 so I bought these after doing some research. I went with a Medium. They are super soft, but not as tight and don’t hold everything in like the feeling the lulus give. These fit great through the legs and hips but the waistband is weirdly a bit tight. I do still have about 10 pounds to lose so that might be why, but other reviews noted the same thing. They are not see through!


Smooth and buttery. Comfortable, but not great for workouts.

As soon as I put these on I knew I was going to keep them because they are so buttery soft and comfortable. But, for me, they are more lounging pants than for working out. They don’t quite stay put enough for a workout. When I move around I find myself pulling them up some. And they are not at all forgiving! They are thin and show every little flaw or dimple you may have. But the shape of the pant is nice and flattering.... I do find the bottom leg opening a BIT big around my ankles, but nothing that bothers me too much. For working out, I prefer the yogalicious crops in a different material that is much more smoothing and forgiving, I just wish those came in a full length version. These are great for comfy smooth leggings. I wear them around the house all the time and like that they’re not too shiny spandex-y looking, but they’re smooth and don’t attract lint and fuzzies. They’re similar material to my lululemons but a lot thinner and a bit softer. Lulus are thicker and firmer but these sure are comfy!


Closest Dupe for Aligns!

I own a pair of the lululemon aligns and have been trying to find dupes for them. I’ve tried other brands before but these are definitely the closest dupe I’ve found! The fabric is almost exactly as soft as the align material and also have the same naked feeling. The only difference is the aligns are seamless and the yogalicious leggings do have a seam at the top. Nonetheless, these leggings are incredible and I certainly recommend them to anyone!


Need More

Amazing material, could be a dupe for Lululemon leggings! Very satisfied for the price, fit, and material!! Need to get more colors of this. Definitely feels like a second skin....


Get them

They are soft and I have never worn Lululemon but zohba leggings from Tjmaxx are the best leggings I own. These rank at 7-8.


Great Leggings

I have a few pairs on Yogalicious leggings and I have to say the quality and feel of these leggings are great...I am an Lululemon align snob but for the price these are pretty similar. Very happy with my purchase!


Beautiful, smooth, and soft - perfect for yoga!

I am currently on a weight loss / fitness journey and have become a pretty regular gym rat typically working out 4-5x or more every week performing a mix of bodyweight, dumbbell, and cardio exercises with deep yoga stretching on "rest" days. Finding my old black leggings simply weren't cutting it anymore, I decided to hunt around for a new pair and that's where I came across 90 Degree by Reflex and Yogalicious leggings on Amazon. I order a pair from each brand to compare. For reference I am 5'2, about 140 lbs, and I typically wear a large in athletic leggings. I ordered the 90 Degree leggings in a size LARGE in the "Cobalt Blue" color and the Yogalicious in a LARGE in the "Everglade color". While I can not attest to the Yogalicious leggings begin Lululemon dupes as I have never owned a pair of Lulu's, these leggings are a beautiful color and are insanely buttery soft. The 90 Degree leggings are a courser more athletic material feel in comparison. I am very impressed with the quality as both leggings are very well stitched and packaged as well. Both pairs of leggings are an accurate fit, and while I love how smooth and soft the Yogalicious leggings are, in terms of athletic wear, I think I prefer the 90 Degree leggings. As you can probably see in the side-by-side comparison photos (slides 4 + 5), the 90 Degree leggings offer a bit more compression, are more forgiving on panty lines and cellulite, and are overall more flattering than the Yogalicious leggings which are too "l... Read More