Reviews for CRZ YOGA Women's Quick Dry Workout Running Shorts Mesh Liner - 2.5'' Drawstring Sport Gym Athletic Shorts Zip Pocket

People say Crz Yoga is really similar to Lululemon.



I have purchased the Lululemon shorts and like all of the reviews here say- the ARE comparable to the Lulu's but for HALF the cost! I have now purchased all different colors in these shorts as well as their (CRZ YOGA's ) 4" inseam ones. They are running shorts, so they are shorter in the front and a bit longer in the back (so your buns aren't peeking out)- and it hides the saddlebag area that I am working on. ;) I wear a size 6 in Lulu's and I have been purchasing the size SMALL from this seller because I like them a bit more form fitting...XOXO


Lululemon dupe!

They fit perfectly and are super comfortable! They are literally my new favorite shorts as I was in between sizes at Lululemon and they are just perfect. They don’t show the built in underline and the flaps don’t show where the back arch covers. I’m usually a size 6 in Lulu but they are big on me and the 4 shows the underwear line like crazy, I got a small in these! I don’t really have much behind to work with though so I would take that into consideration when purchasing!


Lulu lemon quality, bargain price!

For reference I am 5'7 and weigh 125-130lbs (body type: lean muscle). Amazing quality!! I am so happy with my purchase. I have the lululemon speed up shorts in black, and I like these even better. The material is identical, but the waist band on these is slightly more comfortable. On top of this, they are so cute. Can't wait to wear these when I work out. Definitely purchase these.


LOVE IT!! Same as Lululemon’ Speed Short

These are essentially the same as Lululemon’s a Speed short just WAY cheaper. Great product and I love mine. I will say that I wear a size 6 in Lulu and had to size up (8/10) for the right fit for their products. That said, I’m in love with these shorts and will be ordering more!


amazing lululemon dupes!!

i seldom write reviews, but these are just TOO good. i ordered these for work, as i manage an extremely high traffic/busy tanning salon. i am constantly running around at work, and ordered these to replace my lululemon shorts that got too big on me. i’m SO glad i did — i don’t think i’ll go back to the lululemon speed up shorts after these! they are an almost exact replica, and in my opinion so much more flattering. the waist band can come up a little higher on these than the “speed up” shorts, which i prefer! i am 5’8, 170 lbs and normally wear a true medium or 6/8. the medium was out when i ordered so i had to get large, and so glad i did! these run smaller than expected. the large was PERFECT. they are snug in all the right places without being tight! i’ve worn these everyday for work, and worked out in them the other day. i just ordered more colors for working out!! i am sold on CRZ yoga. i’m ordering some leggings and workout tops as well! the value and quality are incredible. if you’re thinking about these, buy them now!! you won’t regret it.


Great quality, bigger than expected.

These shorts really look and feel like Lululemon speed up shorts, minor difference in the zipper bag (lulu has it on the back and this one on the side), I never use it anyway. The fabric and the quality of the shorts is awesome, but the price is less than half of the lulus. I am size 4 on lulu, where my waist feels ok on the loose side but it is a little tight on my hips/butt. I ordered size small on these but there are too big in comparison, a little longer, and the waist is a lot bigger. I had to return them and order x-small to be able to wear them. I still rate 5 stars because of the quality and price. I added a pic about the difference in size between lulu 4 and this one in small (lulu is the black and below that is a blue teal from crz yoga).


I'm living in these!

Bought these because of the great reviews, and they didn't disappoint! They are flattering and cover my but, so not too short! they are comfy as can be! I wish the waist went up a smidge more, but it's not bad, I'm just picky! These are a fabulous dupe of the lululemon shorts, at a fraction of the price! I wish there were more in stock! I went online to buy more and all XS was sold out!!!!!! Will continue to check back! I'm 5'3, 115 and a XS was great! could go up of wanting looser, or down if wanting a little tighter, but XS for my preference is perfect!


Perfect if you aren’t a booty-shorts girl

I bought these based on all the Lululemon comparisons (I didn’t want to drop $68 bucks on shorts!) and they feel spot-on. I wear a size 4 in Lulu and bought these in small. I’m 5’2” and fluctuate between 122-125lbs. Love the waistband, it doesn’t give me a muffin top. The length is very flattering. I just did mini Murph (800m run-50 pull ups-100 push ups-150 squats-800m run) and they were very comfortable for all movements. I plan on ordering in more colors.



These are fantastic. I ordered a small. I’m a size 4 in lululemon pants, but between 4 and 6 on their shorts so I never bought them. These are perfect between at a size small. Might snag another pair! The outside material is stretchy too. I’ve had knock offs with no stretch to the outside which made them SO stiff. These are not that. The olive color shows water/ sweat, but dry really quickly, making them a pretty darn good pair of shorts for 100+ degree weather. Top notch.


Good Lululemon dupe but not exact.

These are a great dupe of the Lululemon Speed short but have some pretty distinctive differences. 1. Sizing. If your smaller than a 2 in lululemon. An xxs is going to be big on you. I bought an xxs and usually take a 2 or 4 in lululemon. 2. Material. Lululemon is known for their quality. These are quality shorts too but are much thinner than lululemon. The material is also different. Also the waist band is thicker on lululemon. 3. Zipper is located on the side, not the back like lululemon. I personally like having a zipper in the back for my stuff rather then have a car key hitting my leg while I’m running. I have yet to wash them, but expect them to wash up well. All in all I don’t think I would buy again. I just like my lululemon shorts too much!