Reviews for Colorfulkoala Women's Buttery Soft High Waisted Yoga Pants Full-Length Leggings

People say Colorfulkoala is really similar to Lululemon.


Not a lululemon dupe, but good for $20

I ordered these because there are a lot of reviews raging about how great of a dupe these are to the lululemon align leggings. I will say that these are extremely comfortable and flattering. However, they are borderline see through. I would say that are squat proof if you go commando or wear neutral underwear though. I ordered a size medium, which I typically am- and they are constantly falling down. Not just when I try to run but during burpees, box jumps, and honestly just about any dynamic movement. I will only be wearing these on upper body days or days where I don’t plan on doing ANY cardio, whether that’s burpees or running. They are extremely comfortable and flattering so I see myself reaching for these mostly to wear out to run errands etc. because I just don’t have the patience to be pulling up my pants almost constantly at the gym. And I don’t think ordering a small would help because it would probably just make them less squat proof, as I am not usually a small and the medium is borderline see through.



Before I begin, let it be known I am a HUGE legging snob. I am extremely picky with my sportswear. I have spent good money on Lululemon, Ptula, Nike, and Under Armour, and I've tried a decent number of affordable online brands like 90 Degree, Tesla, Fabletics, queenie ke, etc. These... Oh boy... These are amazing. They are thin but mostly squat proof, and they have that matte finish that resemble the Lululemon aligns. And ladies, the SEAMS. They have a nice gusset that prevents camel toe and lays flat so I don't experience any rubbing of the seams in my inner thighs (has caused holes in some leggings from this friction and poorly sewn seams). The waist band is by far the most impressive part... The seam in the back contours the butt so nicely as it dips in. And it is positioned perfectly too (I find that ptula's booty seam design sags a little low on my booty so it's not as flattering, for example). And for the best part... NO SEAM OR ELASTIC AT THE TOP, HALLELUJAH. It is so much more flattering because it can lay flat against my stomach without accentuating the less firm areas in my midsection. It is still compressive enough to hold the pants up without them needing the elastic. I wouldn't say that it is compressive enough to hide tummy fat, but I don't care for the compression personally. The olive green is squat proof enough that I can wear my dark undies without having a problem during leg day. I also find it to be pretty sweat proof. They're thin and movable and comfor... Read More


Closest leggings you’ll find to Lululemon align leggings!

Absolutely love these leggings! I have literally been on the legging hunt forever! I have bought and returned countless pairs of leggings looking for an affordable replacement for my Fabletics leggings and Lululemon align leggings. These are closest in comparison to the Lululemon align leggings and I used those in my photo comparisons. My biggest pet peeve in high waisted leggings is when they have a dang seam on the waistband that cuts into my skin. No matter how in shape I am after having 4 children my midsection is permanently in a state of squish from looser skin and I’d rather my leggings not remind me of that lol! These are seamless at the top, hit right at the middle of my belly button, provide medium compression (very similar to the align leggings but less compressive than Fabletics). The fabric is ever so slightly thinner than the align leggings, don’t expect them to keep you warm in cold weather. I will say the lulu leggings do feel slightly better in quality (I would hope for what they charge!) but honestly not by much! I have worn and washed them (cold, gentle cycle, no fabric softeners, hang dry) consistently for about 2 months now without any issues. They stay in place through Pilates, lifting and HIIT workouts. I cannot say enough good things about these leggings, I will buying these exclusively from now on! Size comparison I am 5’6 130lb usually wear a size 2-4 in bottoms and am happy with the fit of the size small in these.


Lululemon who??

I’m a CrossFit coach and avid fitness Junkie so I spend my life in workout clothing. I’m so tired of Lululemon. They are a very great brand but $98 for leggings is so much. So I googled Lulu dupes and got this brand. Ordered basic black to start. They fit true to size. I ordered XL. They are very soft and buttery as described. They fit the curves and are very flattering. Also they are pretty long as I am 5’9” and they go all the way to my ankle. I did the “squat test” and they passed. I haven’t worked out in them yet to know how they wick or stay put during a work out. But I am impressed so far. I will order a few other colors and styles now.


Lululemon Dupe”

I saw these leggings on YouTube as a “Lululemon dupe”. I thought it would be nice to try considering I am not one to spend that much money on a pair of leggings. If you’re familiar with Lululemon leggings I would say this is a mix of the align leggings and the wonder unders. They are definitely soft, but they have the more sheer feeling to them. The stitching however is almost exactly the same as my pair of Lululemon aligns. I loved the fact that these leggings were a bit shorter than the average pair of leggings. I’m 5’0 and most leggings scrunch up a ton at the bottom but I found that these only scrunched up a little and they sort of just stretch “with” your skin. The one thing I didn’t like was that I feel like it didn’t grip my waist as much. I felt like I was constantly pulling at the waistband to make sure they wouldn’t fall down. But overall I love these leggings and I would 100% recommend them!


Perfect fit, feel and right on trend!

First, I've gotta say that I've always been a Lululemon fan, but balked at paying their premium prices. Ashamed to admit it now, but I've spent TOO much there. After having read so many reviews about how these are dupes for the Align legging, I figured I had to give it a shot. I first ordered the dusty red in XS and S unsure of how they'd fit on my body. I'm normally a size 4 in lulu, 5'2, 108 pounds, 25 waist with a wide torso for reference. The XS were perfect! About the pants themselves: Yes, the interior fabric has a buttery cotton feel similar to the Aligns but the exterior is a but silkier and sturdier, which in my opinion, makes it BETTER. It's a more functional fabric that has so far held up a lot better during my high intensity workouts and lift sessions. A nice, wide seamless waistband gently compresses, unlike the other well-known pair made by Queene Ke, which did not fit anywhere near as nicely as these (those were promptly returned). Aesthetically, these are identical to the $100 pants elsewhere. Side by side comparison, there is no discernible difference, except for the absence of an snobby logo and the length. I was very pleased to find the length suits even my shorty legs! With other brands, I've always had to fold them up at least a couple inches but these bunch only a little at the ankle! I highly recommend these, but should warn that the silky soft material will show every bump and wrinkle. Great to show off muscle definition, but if you are self consci... Read More


The leggings I’ve been looking for!

I absolutely love the composition of these leggings. I have the Lululemon Align (a gift) and I like those, but after a year they clearly faded and had piling, and to be honest the leggings were not BLACK black despite being the darkest color available. Anyways I wanted something that free but in a deep dark black and of material that is less prone to fading. I saw a YouTube video of these and gave it a try. $22 isn’t too much, especially given the price of Spanx, Lulu, Nike etc. Amazon recommended the XL for me. I bought the XL and L. Honestly, they are great but I think I could have gone with a M to fit my frame. I’m 5’ 2”, 190lbs hourglass figure and wear either a 10 or 12 in pants/jeans. They are comfortable and really are buttery soft. I love the fabric, it’s like to swimwear but softer. I think these are best for lounging, yoga, weights or cycling. I personally wouldn’t use these for running tho. You could even use them with a tunic top or long sweater and booties outfit as they do not look particularly “sporty”. I’ll definitely be ordering more in different colors. I’m hoping they have tops made from a similar material! These leggings are exactly what I’ve been wanting!



Reviewing as daughter or purchaser: These are exactly like the picture! I got the mint ones in an XL. I wear an XL in the patterned leggings so I assumed I would be the same size in these. They are super soft and feel like butter(just like a lululemon align pant) but watch out for pilling! Wash them with other active clothes and nothing that can tear or tug on the fabric(Velcro,zippers, etc). They are a different material then the pattern leggings so be prepared. I didn’t read before I bought them and I saw they are 80/20 vs. 75/25. Regardless these are exetremely cute. Because they aren’t as restrictive as the patterned leggings I do not wear them on leg days (mint is not squat proof) and it doesn’t smooth out my cellulite/ underbutt as much. These are my go to leggings from now on instead of having to hunt through Marshall’s and tj maxx racks. Plus I don’t have to go through the dressing room try in workout am I right ladies? Haha. If you want a comfy pair of everyday leggings with high quality stitching buy these! These are dupes for a $100 pair of leggings and I honestly love this brand more.


Top leggings

I envy those YouTubers like Hopescope, and bloggers like Schmiggy, who review a ton of workout gear then make a living off it. I first learned about these leggings from Hopescope, and boy am I glad I found out about them! Between these and P'tulas, they tie for my absolute favorites! With Athleta at a close second. So far I've tried Ododos, some other Amazon brand that starts with and "I", Lululemon, Beyond Yoga, Yogalicious, Nike, Zella, and Athleta. I am the kind of person who likes the buttery soft leggings, no slick feel for me, yuck! I also don't like elastic in the waistband because I don't have a perfect body, and the elastic waistbands accentuate my fat. No one wants that! I also like the butt part, how the seam dips down and makes my butt look perkier than it really is. I wear them to work out, around the house, running errands, and very occasionally to work (gasp*). They are slightly on the larger side, so even though I normally wear a medium, I prefer small in the Colorfulkoalas. Did I mention that I also have the 7/8 ones with the pockets too? They are also great! Softer but attracts more lint and not as buttery and smooth, I don't know how to describe the difference.


Best legging quality you’ll find for the price

I’ve bought six pairs of these now. They’ve become my GO TO leggins (🙋🏻‍♀️ here from Hopescope). The biggest pro is that they are darn near Lululemon quality for the insanely good price. Align like style but I’d say luxtreme feel. They do show sweat which I don’t mind because it’s well earned 💪. SIZING is a little confusing though. I’m 5’8” ~160 lbs, athletic build and I have the first round of colors in M and L. In THOSE (black and the two perrywinkle colors) I’d say the M fits me best. HOWEVER in the army green and dusty rose I got L’s due purely to size availability and they fit me like a GLOVE. I worry if I had a M in these colors they’d be sheer. I’d say 8-9/10 for squatproof. The lighter the color they become slightly sheer when bending over. 100% recommend if you’re looking to expand your legging collection especially in the UBER cute and on trend colors but can’t afford Lulu in five different colors 🤗.