Reviews for Maybelline Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter Powder, Molten Gold, 0.24 Ounce

People say Maybelline New York is really similar to Mac.


Amazing drugstore highlight!!

I love this highlighter. This is my 2nd one. Repurchased it, after I ended up giving it to my sister. Hands down, the best drugstore highlighters ever. It’s a great alternative to Mac’s “oh darling” highlighter 😍


Mind BLOWN!!

This highlighter is so bomb! Best drugstore higherligher for sure!! It's not as yellow as it seems in photos.. this is a MUST in my opinion for olive & deeper complexions!! The texture is very similar to Jeffree star's & dose of colors' new highlighters. Very soft & creamy to the touch. As far as color, it's an affordable dupe to JS's king tut, bb bronze glow & a bit darker than mac's oh darling & geller's gilded honey.. DOC's gold is the new black is much more of a yellow gold.. looking for that disrespectful glow that won't break the bank? you found it ladies & gents!! Glow up :)


Awesome versatile highlighter for brown girls!

I've been lead astray by YouTube "beauty gurus" before but I actually love this highlighter. I don't know my MAC shade (broke student problems) but I am a 108 caramel beige in the Loreal Pro Matte foundation, a w6 in Loreal True Match, and use the light to medium True Complexion contour palette from Black Radiance. The highlighter is subtle enough for daytime wear in an office but can be built up for more pigmentation. My skin-tone is in the medium range with yellow undertones and this looks natural enough to give me a glow without being too over-the-top. The glitter is fine and not chunky, like some other highlighters I've tried. It's not super gold, it's more of a neutral brownish-champagne as it doesn't have a lot of yellow in it. But again, it works well. I also have textured skin from hormonal acne, and with a light hand it applies well and doesn't bring attention to any bumps. Also, it's pretty big, so you get a lot of product. For anyone on a budget, this is a must-have.


The only highlighter you will ever need

This highlighter is the only one you'll ever need. Its metallic but somehow natural at the same time. Im an NC42 in Mac/ Sun Beige in pro glow and it works perfectly on my skintone for a semi-natural highlight.


A very good find!

I Purchased it for my girlfriend and it’s comparable to a Mac bronzer that she used. And we are very picky about our bronzers


Beautfiul everyday highlight

The packaging came broken but I still kept it as the highlight is simply beautiful. I am MAC NC44 shade and this looks very natural and gorgeous for daytime.