Reviews for NYX Slim Lip Liner Pencil -Color Espresso - SLP 820 (NYX-SPL820)

People say Nyx is really similar to Mac.


Chestnut Dupe!

It's a dupe for Mac's Chestnut. It's not quite as smooth, but the price difference far out weighs this.


Dupe for Mac Chestnut Liner!!!!

Tried a nude lipstick and was given the wrong liner to go with it. But I learned you should always go one shade darker especially for nudes. For those with darker skin tones this is essential as it allows us to wear any shade of nude and make it work. This lip liner is perfect for my NW45 skin tone. I love it and the price, although if you can find it locally you may end up saving $1-2 but I would definitely repurchase from here if I have too.


Great for a nude lipstick

I love this color. It's very close to the Chesnut lip liner color by Mac, which is my go to lip liner.


Just like Mac lip liner Chestnut

I Normally use Mac but I can say this is on the same level as my mac lip liner Chestnut. The price is lower then mac but same quality


good review

AWESOME it is like Chestnut from MAC and the shipping is quick... Nothing broken Thumbs up


As close as your gonna get to Chestnut

As close as you can come to MAC chestnut. And somehow i don't lose it like i lose Chestnut every time i buy one. Wish they sold it on Amazon too.