Reviews for Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

People say Kvd Beauty is really similar to Mac.


Holy Grail

I've been a lipstick junkie for a long time and have a collection of Urban Decay and MAC lipsticks in various formulas and shades. Staying power has always been a consideration for me but with the start of the pandemic I realized I needed something more intense than my go to lipstick routine due to the addition of masks to my daily routine. This lipstick will stay through ANYTHING. masks ✔️ drinks ( with/out a straw) ✔️ meals ✔️ and more ! color saturation is beautiful and bold and pigment can be built



Best lip stains I've seen since MAC. Long-lasting wear, beautiful colors and complimentary to every skin tone.


I love this lipstick!!!

This is absolutely my favorite lipstick ever. (And I have quite the collection, including mac, too faced, etc) This lipstick goes on so buttery smooth and dries to a gorgeous matte finish. My only complaints are that it feels sticky when its dry, (yes when its completely dry, like after an hour of application it will still feel a little sticky) And that it doesn't stay on as well as I'd hope. When you eat with it it does come off some which sucks, but overall I ADORE these lipsticks and wouldn't trade them for the world. I compared it to my NYX liquid matte lipstick today and its a world of difference!!! Definitely worth the buy!!!