Reviews for King Will Basic Unisex Silver/Black/Blue/Rose Gold Tungsten Carbide Matte Polished Finish Wedding Engagement Band Ring

People say King Will is really similar to Macys.


Great ring!

I received this ring at a discounted price of $4 for my review. Honestly, I didn't know how I felt about a Tungsten ring vs a traditional gold ring to wear as a wedding ring but after wearing it about a week it feels pretty darn good! It has a good weight to it for those who are afraid it will feel too light or those who think that one arm might be longer than the other after it's stretched from the weight of the ring. Band thickness was another thing I was concerned about, an 8mm band appears to be the upper limit most jewelers will go up to and being an average sized male I thought maybe this ring would look huge on me. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I actually enjoyed this size band, it wasn't too large for my knuckle and wasn't so small it rattled around. These rings appear to fit true to size, however, I'd recommend going to your local jeweler or even a store like Macy's (any where with a jeweler counter) to figure out your ring size. I measured as a 12.5 with the paper cut outs and a 9.5 in the store. The matte black finish on this ring is beautiful! I have worn it while changing the floors in my home and don't have a single scratch on it, just very well made all. Absolutely love this ring!