Reviews for Oster ShedMonster De-Shedding Tool, Medium or Long Coats (DRP-SHED-RPQL)

People say Oster is really similar to Mars Coat King.


Cheap substitute for Mars Coat King

This Cairn has been alive for one year now, and so he has never been hand stripped by his previous owner, who got rid of him due to the fact that his puppy coat gave way to this harsh coat which displeased her. So I looked online and heard about slicker brushes being used to help in hand stripping. So I bought that. It's so so. I also heard that a pin brush and regular brush could help a lot. My wife had a pin brush/regular brush combo that she had from her childhood dog and so I tried that. It seemed to work a little bit better. I would randomly start pulling out the longest dead hairs from my Cairn while he sat in my lap. It wasn't very effective. Then I heard about  Mars Stainless Steel 12-Blade Coat King Pet Stripper with Wooden Handle, Medium  with rave reviews about helping to hand strip quicker. However, it was priced around $40. Then I saw that the local big box store was carrying "Shedmonster", which looked like the Coat King with a bigger, plastic, handle. It had more blades (25 in fact), but was advertised for medium to long coats, which the Cairn is a medium coat. It was also priced considerably less than the Coat King. It was "As Seen On TV" which I tend to stay far away from, but the reviews made me change my mind. They also said that this is the  Oster Clean & Healthy Shedzilla Professional De-Shedding Tool  just renamed. I am a fan of the Oster brand. Plus I would just be out $15 instead of $40. Without giving my hopes up, I raked this thing across my Cairn'... Read More