Reviews for Lansinoh SignaturePro Double Electric Breast Pump

People say Lansinoh is really similar to Medela.


Lansinoh vs Medela...both are good!

The Medela has it's pros too. Mine is just the pump, not the pump built into a bag, so it is just a little cube, with small Cary handle and side net pockets for the tubing and power adaptor so it's a very neat and tidy little package. I find the Medela easier to use if I'm only going to be pumping one side. The M also has noticeable longer tubing so if your pumping hands free you have more wiggle room in mobility. The biggest benefit to the Medela is being able to use the 2.5oz bottles to pump into instead of the 5oz size. The bigger bottles are just plain discouraging when you just start out pumping or your pumping after a feeding. 1-2 oz in the little bottles just feels like more and more worthwhile or successful than the same volume in the big bottles where it barely makes it to the first measurement markings. I'm glad I have both pumps. I mostly use the Medela to pump once each morning. I use the Lansinoh when I'm going to be away, like pumping in my car in a parking lot. When I was gone for a three day weekend and had to pump exclusively I took both pumps, used the Medela for the first day and a half, then the Lansinoh. I had similar output using both pumps and as I said, I think the Lansinoh is gentler. The other big difference is that the Lansinoh allows the user to adjust the suction pattern independently from the suction force. It's hard to explain, better to hear but: the L has three settings in addition to the letdown. The letdown is suck/suck/suck with no pause ... Read More


Two-time mom's honest review

This is the second pump I have used in my time since breastfeeding so this will be comparing my experience with this pump to my experience using the Medela pump. The first thing that drew me to this pump was the price. I received the Medela pump through insurance. I didn't have a positive experience with the Medela- it broke after about 9 months of use. It would still turn on but I'd turn the knob to the highest setting and sometimes it worked, other times it didn't. Not exactly reliable- which I think is a huge criteria to look at when looking for a pump. Fast-forward to now. I've been using the Lansinoh for four months and here's what I think. 1. Reliability: So far, it has not malfunctioned once! Very reliable. 2. Ease of use: I like how there are only a couple of buttons on the screen. One button to turn it on. Then another button to change which type of setting- this basically just means do you want it to pump fast, slow, or somewhere in the middle. There's also a button to increase the intensity of each setting. What I found interesting about this is if you're on the fast setting and you push this button, it doesn't make it go faster it actually prolongs the length of the pull. 3. Size: I love how compact this pump is. It's lightweight and easy to transport. This particular pump came with the black bag which has been good but not the best. Imagine Mary Poppins type of bag. There's one opening and that's it. There are no pockets or zippers inside of the bag, making it ea... Read More


Best 🤱 Pump!!!!!!! A+++++++++

I have tried 4 different pumps and this is BY FAR THE BEST!!!!! It is the easiest to use out of the Ameda "Purely Yours", Medela Double Electric Breast Pump, Spectra 2 and Even Flo "Advanced Double Ultra Breast" 🤱 Pumps. It has the easiest cleanup and assembly. Suction is not as hard as the others so your nipples do not hurt as much so you are comfortable and can make more milk. Instead of 2 seperate tubes like most in this pumps in this class, this tube is made together and then splits into a T shape where the tubes do not get tangled and you don't have to worry about clogging happening. This pump has the amazing function where it starts automatically doing the let down for you UNLIKE THE OTHERS WHERE YOU ARE MULTI-TASKING TO CHANGE SETTINGS AND KEEP TRACK OF TIME. All of the modes felt great and made pumping easier. This is the 1st 🤱 pump that I have found to not have the bottles wobble even when empty and they are made to be held comfortably UNLIKE all the others I have tried. ALSO, IT CAN BE BATTERY OPERATED FOR THE MOM THAT IS BUSY ON THE GO. It comes with samples, replacement parts and a tote for easy portability. It is amazing that they made this so amazing and still 1 of the cheapest to buy. A+++++++++


You won’t regret buying this

I had a condition which caused me to exclusive pump. I bought the Willow thinking it would facilitate doing other shores around the house since feeding the newborn took about 30 minutes and then 30 additional minutes of me pumping out. With the Willow I quickly became frustrated, the machine kept loosing suction and disconnecting, readings of ounces pumped was wrong and no matter what I did the minimum came out. Then I bought Medela Manual Pump because I was getting clogged ducts and it helped a lot but my hand grew tired. Looking for an electronical pump I stumbled with this one, at first I didn’t want to spend a lot of money since Williw was quite expensive and did not work, so I decided to try it. When I opened the box it was so easy to conect the parts and get it going, on my first sessionI pumped for just 15 minutes and I had pumped double what willow pumped in 25. After a few days my milk production even went up. I loved the let down suction, it allows you to return to it at any moment which in my case is half way through to pump out all that I can. Is very essy to use at night sessions. The only down size I find is that I cannot pumpt directly into a bag. If you are looking for a pump this is it. I love mine and been using it for a week now and i don’t regret it.


So effective and a lifesaver

I struggled to pump with the Medela double electric pump. I mean, I really struggled. Could barely get 2oz out per pumping session, and yet was still super full immediately post-session. I did everything in the book, and then some, to try and increase output. Prior to each session I'd massage with hot water, and during each session I'd continue with hot water compresses as I massaged with both hands in a circular motion. I even tried pumping for longer amounts of time to no avail. Nothing worked and I was stumped. Enter, the Lansinoh pump. I was paying for this item out of pocket (not covered by insurance) so I figured, I'll buy the cheapest name brand pump on Amazon and just try it. It really made a huge difference: every session produces 4-6 oz! The Medela pump has just one confusingly small dial to adjust pump speed. The Lansinoh offers two ways to adjust your pump: one adjusts speeds and another adjusts suction strength. So much smarter and more effective!


I use this more than my Willow…

I bought the willow because baby #2 with a toddler and being attached to the wall didn’t sound fun… But I knew that I wanted something else for when I could be sitting, mainly at night. Price wise it is worth it and does a better job than my willow. I can have my willow on for an hour and get maybe a quarter of what this pump gives in 15-30 minutes. I LOVE the different type of pumping available and it is easier to operate in my opinion than the medela. I’m able to do some amazing power pumping, slow at first, fast for a little, slow again. The flanges fit perfect and the suction is great despite the power being split from one tube versus the air pumps being two separate tubes. I am someone who has to pump every 2-4 hours of I’ll literally get awful knots in my armpits, I’ll start with the willow to relieve some engorgement and when I have 15 min I’ll finish with this pump. Honestly, a really great product, super compact, easy to clean, get a hang of and as a mom of two I wish I had this pump with my first!


Highly recommend

I spent so much money trying to buy the best things for my first born and the second time around i knew i wanted affordable but still good ..this pump is amazing!! It does the job i pumped for the first 4 weeks after each feed and now im pumping twice a day and it works beautifully for the price i highly recommend it i was considering the medela but honestly glad i didn’t spend all that money when you can get good quality for cheaper.. ive also taken this with me on the go the only downside is that if you want to pump on the go it uses batteries but im ok with that.. it comes with 2 sucktion heads 2 bottles and a set of extra parts..


LOVE this pump

I unexpectedly had my baby at 28w5d and needed something until my insurance pump came in and this was quickest to get to me so I got it. The lactation ladies in the NICU told me that it would not be the best but would do what it could til my other one came. Well I got it less than a week ago and it no longer suctions one one side and the other side is very light….SO I THOUGHT…I had to now scramble to get another one TODAY because this one isn’t working and I am exclusively pumping since my baby has not been able to breastfeed yet. I went out purchased the Medela pump in style and that was THE WORST decision. It wasn’t broken it was just wet after my last wash and I though it was completely dry but it was not which was causing it to not suction. This works way better than the high end brands out there and I would choose this over those anyway. I will continue using as a back up once my insurance pump comes unless this works better than ya girl is never following hype again and going with best bang for your buck. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PUMP TO ANYONE AND ESPECIALLY EXCLUSIVELY PUMPING MAMAS!!


Love this pump!

I absolutely love this breast pump system. I have a Medela pump also. I've used the Medela pump with 2 other kids and it worked well. This time around I chose to purchase this pump as well. Based on the reviews and the fact that I can use batteries was a plus. Since I've started using the Signature Pro, I've had more milk output, it's a bit quieter than the Medela and I really like the time feature. I would definitely recommend this breast pump. A contributing factor that has allowed me to pump more milk is the features that allows you to adjust the speed and strength. GREAT PUMP!


This pump is amazing! I went from a manual Medela pump to ...

This pump is amazing! I went from a manual Medela pump to this Lansinoh double electric and I absolutely love it. The only bad thing about this is that the battery life does not last long at all. I got my pump in on a Monday and the batteries died on Wednesday. Also, The power button on the pump doesn’t always turn on and off easily. I have to continuously keep pressing it down in order for it to turn on/off. Other than that, everything about this pump is great