Reviews for Forever Flawless Eyeshadow Palette

People say Makeup Revolution is really similar to Melt Cosmetics.


blendable and pretty

got this as an alternative to the melt palette and i'm in love with it. i was afraid the greens would be too yellow but they're cool enough to wear with blue eyes. 10/10



I literally bought this to go with my stoner make up collection. I have the Sessions pallet by Melt cosmetics and well I just had to have this too.


HUGE Step up from the reloaded formulas!

I have several palettes from Makeup Revolution, and this one is by far the best. They have improved and refined their formulas tenfold since the first chocolate bar palette I purchased two years ago. USE A REALLY STICKY PRIMER WITH THIS. I used IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye as my base, and my look was super easy to blend. The shadows had great payoff, and the metallics were really close to the formula of the Foil Frenzy product. The only thing I wasn't obsessed with were the glitters, but I'm not big on any glitter that comes in a pan and has that texture.


Pretty good but weird texture

This is a pretty good palette if you like minty pastels. However, I have to share this: The shade "Moment" has a really weird, squishy texture. I can't really describe it. When I put it on with my finger I noticed it had a consistency like melting chocolate. I could smoosh it around in the pan. Kind of weird and… gross if I'm being honest. I'm guessing it's the cannabis oil but all the shades have that and none of the other shades behave this way so that doesn't make sense unless there's a greater quantity of the oil in this particular shade. Anyway, I took a star off for the downright off putting quality of it. It is one of the prettiest and most pigmented shades, so obviously I'll want to use it a lot and I'll just have to get past the squishiness…


Nice for the price

It the melt cosmetics that is similar is so much better! It is a bit difficult to work with. While decently pigmented some of the colors do not blend all that well.