Reviews for Pinkiou 2 in 1 Double-headed Liquid Eyeliner Pen Stamp Super Slim Gel Felt Tip High Pigment Black Waterproof Smudgeproof Long Lasting Tattoo Makeup Tool(Star)

People say Pinkiou is really similar to Milk Makeup.


Definitely a Milk makeup dupe!!!!!!!

I was gonna order my daughter’s the milk makeup brand ones of the stampers...but they are $12.00 a stamp....I found these ones and so much cheaper and you get 4 of these in different shapes and the other end is a eyeliner. I would definitely say these are a Milk makeup dupe for sure. They work so well and very pigment. I put the star one on my 5 year old and gave her the “Kat Von D” face tattoos. Hehe the stamps come off easy from your skin without irritation. These are so much fun!!!! I gave my 5 year old daughter the stamps and she put hearts, stars, and moons on her hands and loved them!! They come right off with just mild soap and water. You don’t have to rub them totally kid safe. I’ll definitely order these again :)


Milk Makeup Stamp Dupe

I love this! Really cute and great quality for the price!


Groovy Milk Makeup Dupes! ⭐🌸🌙🖤

I absolutely love these! The stamps work wonderfully if you are privy on how to apply. They're fun and add a cool element to any otherwise "normal" makeup look. Lol. I really enjoy the variety and hope they come out with more! I'd love to see a set of zodiac signs (like the milk makeup ones!)



This is a really good liner and stamp! However, its hard to get super close to my inner eye with it but other than that its great! I recommend! Its a bit cheaper than the MILK makeup stamp.