Reviews for Breast Shells, Nursing Cups, Milk Saver, Protect Sore Nipples for Breastfeeding, Collect Breastmilk Leaks for Nursing Moms, Soft and Flexible Silicone Material, Reusable, 2-Pack

People say Babebay is really similar to Milkies.


I love these things

I love these things. They only hold about 1 oz before it starts spilling out of the nipple hole. But they are perfect for collecting the let down on the side you're not nursing on. I have a milkies milk saver, but these are a lot more discreet.


Best invention ever! Worn out all day long!

I bought 3 sets of these so I don’t have to wash them so frequently. They are amazing! I thought milkies were a great invention until I accidentally came upon these on amazon. These are way better since you can wear them out and all day long! I save so much milk with these!