Reviews for SECRET KEY Starting Treatment Essence 5.24 fl.oz. (155ml) - Galactomyces Contained Antioxidant Moisturizing Boosting First Skin Care Step Essece, Nourushing and Anti-Aging Care with Enzyme

People say Secret Key is really similar to Missha.


I love the results after using it for 5 days straight

Before, I never really bothered using essences until I was given a small sample of Nature Republic's First Treatment Essence. I love the results after using it for 5 days straight, so I decided it was time for me to get my very first bottle. I wanted to purchase Nature Republic's essence, but the price was too shocking. Not only that, but other popular essences like Hera, SKII, and Missha essences are over the top. Other brands like Etude House and Tony Moly's essences are still expensive for me to purchase, so when I stumbled upon Secret Key... I have to admit that I was a little skeptical about it. I've never heard of this brand before and the pricing for this essence screamed cheap, yet affordable. I kept this product on my wishlist for over a month constantly debating if I should purchase it or not. Eventually, I gave in and bought myself my very first essence. The packaging was really nice to be honest. The glass bottle made it feel like I've spent a lot on this essence too even though the price is really affordable. Like every essence, it's watery but getting the product out is easily controllable. Just be very careful to not slip the bottle out from your hand because it is quite heavy. Unlike the Nature Republic essence, it has a weird smell.. Kinda like nail polish alcohol. It's not very strong tho, but noticeable. On the other hand, Secret Key essence doesn't leave a sticky residue like Nature Republic's essence. Since it's super watery, it absorbs very well on skin... Read More


Helps keep my skin soft.

An excellent hydrator! I use it directly after cleanser, using 4 or 5 drops to cover my entire face. I follow with serums, moisturizer, etc. As my skin has matured, using a hydrating essence helps immensely in keeping my skin soft. I've also tried Missha Time Revolution First Treatment, which is nice, but Secret Key has proven to be much more hydrating for me. Several YouTubers have recommended Secret Key as an affordable dupe for SKII (haven't tried it, never will at THAT price point). I'll definitely be repurchasing this one!


Love this treatment essence!

I've tried many facial essences at this point (missha time revolution, secret key rose edition, etc.) My favorite used to be missha's but I don't know if they switched the formula or what but the essence didn't sit as well on my face anymore. I decided to try this one since it's a bit cheaper too and I love it! It makes my skin so soft and absorbs quickly into my face. My moisturizer applies on like butter after using this essence.


which I liked, but I love this

This is it! I've been using Missha Time Revolution, which I liked, but I love this! It is somehow more refreshing and has cleared up my skin like no other. Unsure why. It's very moisturizing also and gives that bright, luminous glow that people associate with fermented essences. It's also 5mL more than my old one and cheaper, so win! Will last a long time. Make sure to apply with clean hands for that glowy look (swiping it with cotton pads is not the right technique for this product).


I splash on a generous amount first thing every morning and it absorbs nicely and leaves a lovely glow

I am on my third bottle of this FTE. I have tried the Missha and Cosrx. Neither compare to Secret Key. I haven't tried the SK-II and probably never will as the price is unreasonable. So back to this FTE. I splash on a generous amount first thing every morning and it absorbs nicely and leaves a lovely glow, especially over time. I really liked it but then I tried adding it to my evening routine as well, after my vitamin c serum. Now my skin has a nice tone and my rosacea is much calmer.


much better than the Missha FTE that I'd been using

Well, this "first essence" is actually, for me, much better than the Missha FTE that I'd been using, and at just a little more than 1/3 the cost. This essence sinks in much better, and I've noticed that the products that I use following it definitely sink in a lot better and a lot more quickly. Definitely will remain in my beauty regime.


Effective and moisturizing

I've gone through a few bottle of this and it's lovely. It has replaced my Missha essence. It is inexpensive, moisturizes, balances my skin and just works wonderfully with my other products. I love it!


Brightens more than it hydrates

Lightweight essence with a watery consistency. I used it morning and night consistently for about 2 1/2 ish months. Works wonders for brightening the skin but not quite as hydrating as the missha treatment essence moist. I've found that layering this essence 3 times at night works best. Works even better if you apply it directly to the skin by patting it in but a cotton pad also works ok.