Reviews for FOUR UNCLES Oil Changer Vacuum Fluid Extractor Pneumatic/Manual 6.5 Liter with Pump Tank Remover and Brake Bleeding Hose Convenient Oil Change & Fluid Change Tool No Leaks No Overfills

People say Four Uncles is really similar to Mityvac.


Better than mityvac

So much better than my mityvac. Use it mostly for mower and generator oil changes at work


Better alternative then the MityVac version I had

It was time to upgrade my old MityVac fluid extraction. I was going to replace it with a MityVac pneumatic version and happen to come across this one. while reading the product description i decided to take a gamble at it and go for it. I'm going to be comparing my MityVac To the Four Uncles fluid extractor because that the unit i'm replacing in the end. Some features off the bat are you can use it manually or with air. While the MityVac you had to pick one or the other when because they didn't have this feature which is what drew me into buying it in the first place. The other feature I notice was the storage for all the lines were in a sealed bottom tube that came attached to the unit. keeps everything in one place. My old MityVac you had to coil the hose and what not and was just a pain in the butt. The unit comes with enough hose for all your automotive need and includes a very flexible brake bleeding hose attachment. The only downside if you look at the pictures is the MityVac holds more fluid but I never once had the need to fill it all the way to the top so its not that big of a concern. The other feature I miss about the MityVac is the reverse fluid flow when I'm going transmission on those vehicle that the fill is on the bottom of the vehicle. During my testing the fluid extractor does the same job as my old unit but I kind of ruin my old unit by using it on gasoline which pretty much destroyed the seals in that thing which is why i had to buy a new extractor. Ext... Read More