Reviews for Gentle Skin Cleanser

People say Cetaphil is really similar to Murad.


An amazing gentle cleanser

My boyfriend and I have been using this cleanser for a year now, and we BOTH love it. I was originally in the camp that if I didn't see foamy bubbles from my cleanser/face wash, then it wasn't working. This product has 💯% proved me wrong. By the second week of using this product consistently, I saw a noticable difference in my skin, mainly, LACK OF ACNE! I had been struggling to get my acne in control, but I wasn't willing to go far enough to change my entire diet, drink more water and less wine, nor pay $100 a bottle for a cleanser. This Cetaphil was the perfect fit for all of my above needs, and was so gentle when I recently went insane and thought it would be a great idea to shock my skin with tetinonin 0.05% and then a week later do the Murad Dark Spot Corrector (to which introducing both in such a short time period completely and TOTALLY caused what felt like a chemical burn or something!!!) Even with my broken skin, I didn't feel an irritation from this cleanser. I do want to call out this cleanser does not remove makeup, you would need to have something else to do that job. I like double cleansing with some micellar water to remove any oil based products on my face, and then using this cleanser! I'd highly recommend starting here for anyone on their skin care journey!


Perfect supplement to my simple skin care routine

I had clear skin as a teen and in my early 20s. I am now in my mid 20s and for some reason have struggled with acne suddenly, with constant breakouts on my chin area, resulting in scarring and texture. It was totally destroying my confidence. I tried everything, and eventually discovered that using Murad along with a Clarisonic was helping me a lot. Four months later, my skin is doing better, but still not where I want it. I started using the Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser as a precursor to using the Murad + Clarisonic combo at night after removing my makeup with a wipe. (wipe --> cetaphil --> murad w/ clarisonic). It has improved the smoothness, complexion, and balance of my skin SO much! It added just that little extra gentle cleanse I was needing and has helped me be more confident with no makeup or very to little makeup.



When I was younger I never had any skin issues, no breakouts but after I turned 25 my skin really changed and I had to work at skincare because I was breaking out every week and my skin constantly felt inflammed. I tried Proactive, Murad, Acne-Free, you name and I felt like it irritated my skin more. Plus, its expensive to keep up with those products. Then one day after reading glowing reviews on the internet about Cetaphil I purchased it and I swear after one day the inflammation in my skin stopped. One week later, no breakouts, the following week .. nothing. I was sold after that. I can honestly say that my skin as truly changed and I will never go back to another product. Now dont get me wrong, I do have an occasionaly breakout(1 or 2 pimples) and thats only during my time of the month but other than that Cetaphil is awesome! For anyone that is skeptical please try it. Oh and be careful becasue thre is a difference betweent the Gentle cleanser and the Daily. I accidentally purchsed the gentle formula and noticed a difference right away. The Daily cleanser is the one that works for me :)


Pleasantly surprised

So I've used the Murad skin cleanser forever but when they sold out I decided to try out this cleanser and let me tell you, it's fantastic! If you need a good morning cleanser here it is! It's better than the purity one and right up there with the Murad, my only complaint is at the end of the day when I take off my makeup it doesn't fully remove my eyeliner but then again most cleansers don't.


Clean doesn't have to be expensiv

This is a great cleanser that you can feel working. No frills, no unlikely promises, nothing extra you don't need; simply a fresh clean. It cleanses deeply without being harsh and can even be used on the chest and back. No complaints here. I typically use counter brands like Murad, MD Skincare and Kiehl's but this is my go to cleanser. The only time I prefer not to use this is during an ezcema breakout on my face. However I use the Cetaphil "for all skin stypes" during that time. Cetaphil is also recommended by my dermatologist