Reviews for Replenishing Multi-Acid Peel

People say Murad is really similar to Murad.


It works well

Anything Dr. Murad sells is really good stuff


I love it....

Murad If you are a big fan of Alpha-H gold product, I bet you will love it. I have sensitive skin so I used this every 3 days to start and now use it every other day at night. Amazing results. My skin is glowing, my dark spots are less noticeable and my makeup wears the way it's supposed to wear. Make sure you apply SPF sunscreen protection at least 50++


Love this

I'm an esthetician and at our spa we exclusively use Murad. I switch myself between the hydration line and the Resurgence line (turning 40 today!) this addition to the product line is amazing . I was going to treat myself to fillers and a deep peel, but after using this for a month, there's no point. Honestly, since switching exclusively to Murad from my last line (which was double the price,) I can honestly say it has helped my business. My clients come in and say "I want your skin! What do you do?" It's great to tell them it's exclusively Murad that saved my skin. After an emergency hysterectomy a few years ago I was thrown into menopause and that destroys your skin overnight. This has helped rebalance it. As a professional though, pleas don't stop using a product because you don't see results within a week. Stick with it for at least a month, unless of course you have an allergic reaction.


Been using for one week

I have been using this in conjunction with Murad Retinol Renewal serum and then Retinol Youth Renewal Night cream. I am pleasantly surprised. Murad is one of the only brands I had not tried till now. Out of all the ones I have, and there have been many. My Ultra Credit card can attest to that. This by far is the best. After one week my deeper lines around my mouth are a lot less noticable. And fine lines are nearly gone. Nothing but a face lift is gonna take away all wrinkles. However I am very pleased with my results. I believe however they must be used at least every other day, if not every day to achieve the results. I also purchased a Dermaflash Lux and I am using it once every week. I will prob start using at least once every other week. But no less. I am now planing on getting the Retinol Renewal eye cream. I don't know if everyone will receive the same results, but I am so happy with mine. Thanks Murad.


Powerhouse Peel!

I received this highly effective Murad peel in my beauty bag of goodies. It's a two-part combination of liquids——moringa oil and everything else. My sample bottle is 10 ml so I decided not to use a cotton pad so that I wouldn't waste a lot of product. I removed the little cap with the tiny hole (pops out easily with the right tool), and then I shake it with my middle finger over the opening. Whatever product is left on my fingertip, I tap on my face. When I get to my forehead and bridge of nose, I close my eyes when applying. I don't want to risk getting any in my eyes. In less than a week of use, my stubborn dark spots, due to sun damage, have lightened considerably. I've tried glycolic and lactic acids, plus other acid peels and this one is the only one that I can tell a difference with. I don't know if the large bottle has a removable flow inhibitor, but when I get the large bottle, I'll have to figure out a way to use the product without cotton pads. Use this only at night and wear a high-spf moisturizer during the day.


Face Time

Price is high, but a great product. I just got into murad products, after trying others. I do not feel any burn or dry out from Murad products, even this one. I guess because my face has gotten use to retinol and peels from other brands that did burn my face. those products I had to throw away and yet so expensive. I took on Murad products and so far I have not been disappointed. They are not harsh to me at all but make my face soft and glowing. To be honest of all the retinol I have tried and peels I have tried from other high end brands none of them really reduce pore size or wrinkles. I mean let's be honest nothing is the fountain of youth. what keeps me either buying or discarding products is really how they feel and how I feel using them. In all honesty reviews are nice to go by but you should decide for yourself if you want to try the product or not. No two faces are alike, we all have our own unique genetic make-up. What may work for you may not work for someone else. The plus is if you don't like it just return it. Also a piece of more advice, some products take months to see results, just like some medications do. so give yourself some face time before you pass judgement. much live on your beauty journey, good luck! Remember beauty always starts from within and how you treat yourself.


I will re buy

I love this . I don't care about a tingle when my skin looks this good ! This is a win Murad !!!!!!!!