Reviews for Boppy Nursing Pillow – Bare Naked | Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding, Propping Baby, Tummy Time, Sitting Support | Pillow Only

People say Boppy is really similar to My Brest Friend.


Comfortable and good support

Great alternative to the Brest Friend pillow during those late nights when you don’t have two hands to buckle yourself in. I use it with my 4 week old and she stays on it just fine. A naked pillow is all you need since you cover it with a Muslin blanket or burp cloth during feeds. I personally think the slip covers are too rough on baby’s skin.


Must have for nursing moms!

I wanted so badly to love the my brest friend nursing pillow but my LO would not have it. The boppy is by far more comfortable and versatile as it also doubles as a positioner. So comfy! I absolutely love this pillow and cannot praise enough!


I have both My Brest Friend and a Boppy

For visiting family, I prefer the Boppy because it is a bit smaller and easier to travel with. The Brest Friend is just a little large and cumbersome for taking out. I also think the football hold is easier with the Boppy on the couch then the Brest Friend. When trying the football with the Brest Friend, you have to turn it to the side which moves the back support to your side, kinda defeating the purpose of having it there in the first place. I really do love them both though.


more versatile than most nursing pillows

this isn't my favorite pillow for nursing (that's My Brest Friend, even given its awful name). BUT I really have liked this pillow for its versatility. It works ok for nursing (my biggest complaint: it slides out away from my body, and baby falls in crack). It also is good for playing with baby-- propping baby in different positions, depending on his development.