Reviews for Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup Foundation, Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen, Lightweight & Flawless Coverage Foundation with Antioxidant Vitamin E & Feverfew, Classic Ivory, 1 fl. oz

People say Neutrogena is really similar to Nars.


new neutrogena girl

all my life i have been allergic to neutrogena products. however, when i heard on multiple accounts that this was a cheap dupe for nars' sheer glow foundation, i thought i would give it a try and if i liked the finish, i would buy the nars one. i put it on and crossed my fingers that i wouldn't break out too terribly. THIS IS INCREDIBLE. light to medium coverage, perfect color (i am in "40 - nude") and it didn't break me out whatsoever!!! :) new favorite foundation!


Great color and coverage!

I’ve used so many different brands over the years, from NARS to L’Oreal to Revlon to Clinique, and so on. My biggest issue is finding the right shade, of course. Many drugstore brands tend to be on the pink or peachy side. Most recently, I was using NARS in Punjab, and it was ok. Didn’t blow me away, which an $18 small container of foundation should do. Then I went on a trip in August and I forgot it, so I went to Target and bought Covergirl+Olay’s Simply Ageless in Medium Light, which I’ve used before, and it is supposed to be on the warm side. Apparently, I forgot why I stopped using it before—it has a tendency to make my skin look sort of gray. Sure, I can use bronzer, which I did use, but that doesn’t really work when the rest of your face is grayish. My problem is, I had a bottle of foundation back in the late 90s that I bought off an infomercial (Victoria Jackson), and it was by far the best foundation and color I’ve ever used. Unfortunately, the product was discontinued, but it had a very slight yellow tone to it. Since then, I always try to find shades that might be more yellow, or warm. Nothing ever comes close to that, though. So, back to now, after realizing I was looking like an alien, I went to CVS with my $7 extra bucks, and along with an article I found on the best drugstore foundations, I chose this one in Natural Beige. I knew the minute I saw the color that it was perfect. I didn’t even care about the coverage, although the coverage is good, it’s not full ... Read More


Great for Drugstore Foundation

Really like this foundation, is a great color match for me and a good dupe for NARS Sheer Glow. Still looking for my "Holy Grail" foundation, but this is a good foundation to use while I continue my seemingly endless quest.


I really like it ....

I really like this foundation.. I really don't like drugstore foundations for multiple reasons.. BUT I really can't be spending 40-50 bucks on foundation any longer. I keep my NARS for the weekend and use this for everyday wear. The color is a bit darker then expected but still nice you can really blend it out nicely with a sponge. The great thing about this is it does NOT oxidize on your skin which most drugstore brands do. The long wear of this foundation is good not great but for drugstore pretty good. It has a nice satin finish, if you have oily skin this would be a not good for you.. you can build on this pretty good for trouble areas, the only negative I will give is that it did start to cling on my dry patches after about 4-5 hours of wear. But not to bad. It also takes pretty good photos as well which I'm surprised. Over all for the price pretty good and my skin does look very nice. Evened out and natural. NOTE: dry skin, fine lines. I also like Makeup Forever HD, NARS sheer glow, and two faced foundations if any one is interested I find these best for dry skinned gals.. I also tried the Maybelly Dewy and smooth version and I did like it as first but as the day went the makeup faded and oxidized pretty bad on me. YUK ! also the Loreal Luminous version is horrible . .I looked like a oil slick by the end of the day and I have dry skin.. It was horrible plus the coverage is sub par at best..