Reviews for NYX Professional Makeup Bright Idea Illuminating Stick Pinkie Dust

People say Nyx is really similar to Nars.


Dupe for Nars highlight stick ( Luxor )

If you're pale like me then the purple shade is a perfect cool toned dewy highlight that looks very pretty. I have to be careful about highlighters with any kind of tint of color to them as my fair skin really makes it stand out and it can easily look awkward when there's a color streak on my face where it's supposed to be highlighted. the purple barely comes off purplish, it's mostly cool-toned translucent (if that makes any sense). only con, it doesn't really dry down quickly. its sorta just slightly tacky for a few hours after I first put it on but eventually dries to feel like the rest of my face. TIP: apply the highlight to your finger first then gently dab onto your face, this works every time and will prevent you from dragging on your makeup like you would if you just went straight in with the highlighter.