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People say Signora Ware is really similar to New Tupperware.


Keeps out the humidity!

Love these! I bought these to replace a Tupperware set I had for over 35 years. I live in southwest FL and the humidity will turn spices into one giant glob. The Tupperware keeps my spices dry and flowing smoothly. Hopefully, if I get another 35 years out of my new salt/pepper shakers, this will be the last ones I’ll ever need to buy!


Good quality

Perfect, especially for this price. I ordered these to replace my old Tupperware S&P, which have seen better days. Way too expensive to get new Tupperware. These should last quite awhile. Pepper in the small, salt in the medium, and cinnamon-sugar mix in the large. Again, Perfect.


Better than Tupperware

I had purchased the new Tupperware set that are similar to this and hated them. The lids would come off and the snap covers didn't stay on. This set is everything that I wanted from those and half the price!


Better than the tall Tupper Ware version.

I used to like Tupperware shakers. Really. But recently...quality is down and price is up. A pair of plastic Tupperware salt and pepper shakers sell for $35.00. These for around $10.00. And these salt and pepper shakers are one the bottoms won't fall out, like happened with two sets of my Tupperware shakers. That means, if I decided to replace the two bad sets with another new one...that I would have spent $105.00 on six 5 cent pieces of plastic. Some one see the problem her. Note: I use one of them for cayenne pepper…the holes are just right for dispensing the right amount of cayenne pepper without having to worry about accidentally blasting your food. Lol. You may want to go to a finer grind of pepper, which I like anyway, if your currently using restaurant grind. Once you do, you’ll find that pepper dispenses nicely. I'm never buying Tupperware again. Mine are still working fine. I love them as much as a man can love plastic. Lol. Okay, take that with a grain of salt. Hope this helps.