Reviews for New Balance Men's 623 V3 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer

People say New Balance is really similar to Nike.


Worth their price, comfortable and stable footbed

I used to run and walk with only the best (expensive) Nikes. It got got so I only walked and I thought I could do just as well with cheap exercise shoes. My sore, bruised and calloused feet give evidence that just because a shoe looks good, it doesn’t necessarily wear well or provide good support. So I’m ditching the cheapos from the Big Whatever stores and going with the NB 623. Very comfortable and well fitting walking, or jogging shoes. Don’t know if they’re good for running because I’m done with that.


Performance shoe at bargain price.

This is a performance shoe which translates to a comfortable everyday walking shoe. The herringbone tread and outsole compound provides excellent traction on a wide variety of surfaces and incorporates wear bars to increase service life. An EVA insert and midsole with shock absorbing polymer - sorbothane probably- at points where balls of feet contact provides for excellent shock absorption and comfort - advertised as a cross trainer but would make excellent court shoe. Stability shank in sole and Achilles protector crescent with stable top sole round out well made shoe. Saw a comment that this was shades of the 90s. Yes, when Nike New Balance, Reebok and others Made products that performed not some sequined fashion statement.


Super Great Shoe For The Money

I had bought the Nike brand before and this shoe has value built into it! No more really overpriced shoe needed to get the quality that this shoe offers me. As soon as I opened the box and saw and felt the fit to be perfect, I had sneaker water repellant spray so I coated them to protect them. As long as NEW BALANCE continues to makes this shoe, I'll buy it!! This is my go to tennis shoe for walks, running errands, etc.


These bad boys make my grilling on point, as well as home projects

These are the official mythical shoes of real men, American fathers with red white and blue running through their veins. Every home project, meal on the grill or auto repair just seems to always fall into place while wearing my New Balance MX623WN3's. Tried Nikes, fence fell apart, steaks burned and my truck broke down. F Nike. They should make a pair of NB's with American Eagle wings. HELL yeh!!



Great shoes...the picture is of my 9th pair that's being replaced by my 10th pair. Very comfortable all purpose shoe from an x college basketball player that went through shoes like wild fire. These have Nike beat coming an going an is the best cross training shoes I have ever owned.


Nice Sneaker at a decent price

I have purchased these several times for my husband. Nice alternative to the Nike’s that we now refuse to buy. These hold up pretty well and I will continue to buy them.


Good Shoes. Buy Them.

This is the third pair of this model of New Balance shoes I've owned. I walk the soles off them with an hour or two of walking -- as prescribed by my doctor -- every day. It was great finding them on Amazon for about ten bucks less than I paid for the last pair at that huge national sporting goods store. I hope New Balance keeps on making the model 623 because it's the best shoe I've ever found. And, by the way, I live just down the street from the big sporting apparel company you may have heard of called Nike.


A Boycott Buy

For over a decade, I had worn only Nike Air Monarchs, but after their Betsy Ross Flag debacle this past summer, I decided that I had enough of their corporate venture into political correctness (I know as if Colin Kaepernick shouldn't have been the last straw.) I bought these New Balance shoes as a similar product and so far I've found that they've out-performed the Air Monarchs. Thanks, Nike for making me a New Balance fan.


Very happy

This is the first pair of New Balance i have tried, was not sure if the size would be right. I have been wearing nike trainers size 9.5 med, so thats what i ordered. I have to say the fit was even better than nike and a lot lighter. I defiantly will be trying the USA Made 990v5. I would recommend this brand.


Not quite the same shoe as before

I've been buying New Balance MX-001 lasted shoes (MX608, MX623) for years now...probably a pair every year or so for the last 15+ years. Historically, for me, they have fit better, given more support (flat feet), and held up better than just about any other knock-about training shoe I've bought (Nike, Adidas, etc). In addition, the non-marking sole is great for boat decks (your boat-owner friends won't get upset and hand you a scrub bucket!) As others have noted, there is a fit difference with the V3 vs. the earlier shoes. In particular, I find the heel pocket to be just slightly wider than before, so I get a very small amount of heel-lift while walking. This is probably my biggest concern right now. There is also less arch support than in older models, though with a custom orthotic, this is less of an issue for me. On the quality side, you can see a few obvious cost-saving measures--the 'N' on each side of the shoe is no longer embroidered, but simply a plastic/rubber molding glued or welded to the upper. The heel pull loop is no longer stitched into the upper, but merely tacked onto the outside of the upper. Too early to tell about durabilty--I'm hoping the sole is of better quality than on the V2, where the outer-most (bottom) layer delaminated from the midsole after only a few months of use. Better is the label on the tongue--with the V2, it was a 1.5" w x 1/2" h strip tack-stitched on the left and right ends (1/2" dimension), easily snagged and torn off the tongue when... Read More