Reviews for WANDER Men's Cushion Crew Socks 3-6 Pairs Athletic Running 6-8/8-13/12-15 Socks Men Cotton Sport Wicking Work

People say Wander is really similar to Nike.


finally a sock that fits right

Finally found socks that fit good without feeling like a compression sock that was cutting off my circulation. My old go to socks like Nike and Dickie are now for some reason too tight. These socks stay up without being to tight, being 90% cotton might be part of the solution. Socks are also very comfortable. Not sure about durability but they have lasted good through several washing and drying cycles now.


They don't bunch at toes, very soft

I almost took a star off for the simple reason that in Feb I bought a 12 pack for 32bux,and this was the 12 packs divided and repacked in vacuum packed black bags. So they went up 8 bux.. If that is covid and more cost for production, ok, my bad. The socks themselves are great, considerably better than Hanes, fruit o loom, and even addidas and Nike socks I bought.


Very very comfortable for tennis

i used to use Thorlo tennis socks. but i've been playing a lot of tennis this covid time. hence my feet have gotten wider and longer. it's true. these Wander socks are thinner, but stiff padded. i switched from Thorlo to Wander and I use Wander every day. I am very very happy. I have four pairs of the same Nike tennis shoes. I rotate them. But I play with Wander every day.


Super comfy socks

I really like these socks. I’ve been wearing black Nike socks for years and wanted to try something different. These are thick enough in the foot to have a decent cushion. They also breathe and wick moisture better than the Nike socks so I’m glad I have them a try. I can’t speak about how well they hold up since I’ve only been wearing then for a few weeks, but overall I’m content.



SO - much better that the "name brand" stuff from Nike and UA and so on. Thank you.


Great Buy

I bought these for my husband. He says they fit better than his Nike socks. They don’t slide and are perfect for his work boots.