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People say Baleaf is really similar to Nike.


Great value product

I have two types of wind breaker jackets. An Asics brand that was way to expensive but does the job and an Under Armor that I got as a Christmas present several years ago. When it's cold outside I use these wind breakers on every run and even though they are thin I layer up. As I have been running more lately and it's cold outside I was looking for one more jacket that I could because some days I've used the two and they are in the laundry. This was well worth the purchase. I've bought a lot of product from You can find good deals on shoes when they go on sale and sometimes on clothing. I was looking at Brookes, Nike jackets on sale for $50 to $60 but thought I would look at Amazon. I have two pairs of BaLeaf 2 in 1 shorts and a shirt. Those have been great products for the price and these is no different. I've been on one run it was about 29 degrees outside and I was layered up good to keep warm. It does exceptionally well to break the wind and I'm sure it will do good to shed water since it's a thicker material than my Asics and UA jackets. This is waterproof were those are not. The material seems durable and zippers seem solid too. Time will tell if they hold up but just compared to quality of my other two jackets and how much I've used those I think this will work out and last just as long. This price is the kicker. Like I said compared to other name brands this is well worth the money. I'll try and update after a few more uses but so far I would hig... Read More