Reviews for Lust for Dusk

People say Colourpop is really similar to Nouveau Palette.



This is so much more beautiful in person. I didn't think I needed it until I saw it at Ulta, then I had to have it! I know it's another neutral palette but there's something about it that looks unique. I think it'll be perfect for fall!


A whole lotta YES!!!

I'm not one to leave a comment or review but the shimmers in this are to amazing! The shimmer shaken will receive many compliments when worn!!! I recommend wearing a good primer because it can cause a small amount of fallout (not a huge issue if you account for it) but this palette is super versatile and blend-able. This is an underrated palette but it is just beautiful. I can't say enough good things! Will repurchase once I hit pan



This palette is absolutely stunning and a must for true neutrals. What I mean by that is not neutral as in tone/shade, but neutral as in undertone. This palette has the perfect range cool-neutral and warm-neutral shades for those whose complexion has neutral undertones. If you're neutral like me, you know what I'm talking about - eyeshadow palettes generally can be too warm or too cool, even supposed "neutrals". But Lust For Dusk - a true range of neutrals that aren't too cool or too warm. also, the formulation is so smooth and pigmented, and the shimmers glide effortlessly providing a nice pop of glam. Definitely a perfect palette for everyday wear and night out wear.


Great everyday pallette!

I love this palette! I am an everyday neutral with a little sparkle kinda person and this pallette delivers for me. Great shade selection, blends effortlessly and gives me great eye looks. This will also be a great pallette for fall. I would recomend this to anyone as a everyday staple.



Absolutely love this palette!! It's the perfect mix of warm and neutral tones. The packaging and shade names are also very pretty. The shadows blend beautifully. I hope this becomes a part of the permanent collection.


unique color story

i love miser it is gorgeous and unique, glad its in this palette... the tones of the purple n the grey blue give the palette a more smokey dusk summer vibe. it makes it unique and the neutral pink transition shades allow for u to incorporate these different colors together. it makes it so unique and beautiful. im a huge fan of the shimmers in this palette... i use a wet brush first... then i apply more w my finger than apply a bit of the wet brush. that is how i achieve a full metallic payoff w.o wrinkles on my lid. the mattes layer beautifully


Gorgeous and Unique Palette

Absolutely beautiful. It may look like just another neutral brown palette but I assure it's not! Contains duo chromes, very special shimmer shades and of course the wonderful ColourPop matte formula.


Very Beautiful

The pigmentation and the colors are beautiful! Love this palette!


Beautiful Colors

I am in love with this palette! Used it today and the colors I paired blended so perfectly! The color story is so whimsical and dreamy. Definitely a top favorite for me! Creamy and smooth, Colourpop has yet to disappoint me.


Beautiful Palette

I love the color story and packaging of this it is beautiful to look at and use . I've created some beautiful looks with this palette.


Surprised at its uniqueness 🤔

ColourPop palettes are half of my collection. I have a lot. I ordered this as soon as it launched on Ulta. It looked very beautiful when I received it but when I actually used it I really really loved it. It has a uniqueness about it with the added grungy shades Take The Lead, Serve Chilled and Twilight. There are beautiful looks to be made with this palette. You can soften any look with the shades Horizon and Wild Sky. The shade Sunset Chaser makes a great inner corner and brow highlight. The shimmers are all very complementary to the matte shade choices. This is a very nice well rounded palette. I'm really enjoying it.


A must have

This palette is so beautiful and perfect for both fall & summer. Super pigmented and feel like butter



As soon as I saw this palette I KNEW I had to get it. The pigmentation is great and the color story is beautiful.


pretty good

such a pretty palette! couldn't wait to get my hands on this one when it was on sale. blends like a dream and beautiful color story.